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How to Stay Creative and Keep SEO in Mind

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to customizing your website’s content to ensure that web browsers give your website a high SEO score.

The sites with the highest SEO scores are featured on the search engine’s first page of search results for relevant searches. 71% of the click-throughs happen with articles listed on the first page of results on the search engine. This means that if your website’s article is the second (or third, or fourth page), it’s less likely the search user will even see your article. You want your article to be ranking as close to the top of the first page of results as possible.

In order to have a good SEO score your site’s content needs to feature keywords and relevant phrases. It must be optimized for easy navigation between pages. It also needs to be referenced via external links that drive traffic to your site.

Incorporating all of these elements effectively does not have to stifle your ability to provide innovative content on your website. Fortunately, there are some simple tips you can use to boost your SEO ranking without compromising your creativity.

Learn SEO Theory

You will be able to organically integrate the critical elements of SEO into your content if you understand how SEO works. SERPtheory provides critical insights from SEO professionals. This information can be used to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business needs. Valuable resources, such as SERPtheory, can be used to stay up to date with the latest SEO trends.

Network with Influencers

Social media influencers may have large followings. Consequently, influencers are able to drive large volumes of traffic to your site if you present content they believe will appeal to their audience. Identify influencers who have interests that relate to your business. Study their platform and learn about the topics they typically post about. Then, create custom content designed to appeal to their audience. Post links to your content on social media and tag them. If you have created compelling content, there’s a good chance they will repost your information with links to your site.

Focus on Visual Content


Visual content is one of the most creative elements of your site’s design. You can use photographs, gifs, banners and other types of visual displays to produce a distinct look for your website and content while boosting your site’s SEO score. The file name, the alt text for the image and the image’s caption can all affect your SEO rankings. Strong file names and alt text with appropriate keywords and phrases will help generate traffic to your website.

It’s also important to use effective, relevant images on your website that are optimized for computers, tablets and smartphones. Compelling images will lose their appeal if they have poor resolution.

Create External Links to Your Site

Although you can use your company’s social media accounts to post links to your website, this isn’t the only way to drive traffic to your site. One of the most effective ways to generate traffic is through links to your site that appear on other reputable websites.

You can organically create links to your company website by contributing guest blog articles to popular blogs that focus on content relevant to your company. For example, if your company sells books you may want to contribute reviews, author interviews or articles about books to popular book blogging sites. You can include a link to your company website in your biographical information that appears with your guest post.

Establish Your Expertise

One of the most effective ways to raise your company’s profile is by establishing your expertise in your field. You can do this by creating videos demonstrating how to perform certain tasks or explaining topics relevant to your business.

It’s a good idea to do interviews with bloggers, columnists and other writers who are covering topics related to your industry. Offering quotes and explanations is another effective way of generating referral links that lead to your website. This can also raise your profile and help establish you as an expert in your field. Once you have a reputation as an authority in your industry, more media outlets may ask you to comment on related news topics. Your site’s search ranking will increase when more reputable sources link to your site.

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