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How to Succeed in Video Marketing

Video is no longer the future; it’s the big thing right now. YouTube has more than 2 billion users worldwide and averages 1 billion hours of watched videos every day.  Stop believing that video marketing is a separate entity or optional for your business.  Video is an effective form of communication that should be integrated into every aspect of your current marketing efforts.”

Whatever plans, strategies, or goals you set to promote e-marketing in your company or business, they will not be effective as required, or appropriate, unless it is headed by video marketing which is now considered one of the most common forms of content marketing, experts in digital marketing consider that video marketing will continue to rise in the coming months as one of the most influential trends, according to many statistics, the most important of which are:

  • In 2020, online videos made up more than 80% of the total traffic of Internet users.
  • 78% of people watch videos online every week, and 55% watch videos online every day.
  • 55% of people care closely when using videos – more than all other types of content.
  • According to Google, 40% of millennials trust video content on YouTube; And 60% of them say that the videos they watch have changed their worldview.
  • Users watch over 500 million hours of video every day on YouTube.
  • 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook.
  • 500 million people watch videos on Facebook every day.
  • Snapchat users view 10 billion videos every day.
  • 82% of Twitter users view video content on Twitter.

YouTube’s active user base is 25% of the world’s 7.8 billion population total. With the average person’s attention span lasting eight seconds, it makes sense that video is a prevalent force in the marketing world.

Types of Video Marketing

Video marketing includes many types that you can use as part of your digital marketing strategies, including:

Video blogging: or visual blogging, a form of blogging in which the video is the tool in which ideas can be presented, where most or all of the content is in the form of a video.

Video interview: This type is used in video marketing to conduct video interviews with influencers or experts to talk about products, services, or decision-makers in the company.

Educational videos: Provide educational materials useful to the public, certainly related to the services or products that you offer, often as a means of explaining how to use a product or service.

Presentation video: Presenting information, data, results, and research in the form of a presentation, but instead of PowerPoint or other tools, but using the video.

Product demo and reviews videos: In this type, videos are created to demonstrate a product, or experience its use by a customer or an influencer, and provide comprehensive reviews on it.

Customer testimonials: In this type, it is possible to provide picture material to share customer experiences or testimonials about the product. Toothpaste brands, for example, use this type frequently.

Live broadcast recordings: transferring events or events from a brand-sponsored live broadcast on one or more social media platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Video ads: They include videos to promote or market a product or service, much like TV ads, but the difference is that they are published on the Internet and are shorter in terms of duration. There are many tools that can create short video ads and FlexClip could have a spot on the top list. It is a very easy-to-use online tool for making short videos for business, social media, and personal life.

Why do you Need Video Marketing for Business

Consumers Choice

After many polls, it’s clear that consumers would much rather watch a video about a product than reading text about it. This is largely down to our busy lives. It’s easier to catch the main points of a video than it is to read an article while commuting to work.

Watching a video also takes up a lot less energy than it does to read. With life being so busy, people haven’t got the time or energy to devote to reading anymore. A video is also visually stimulating and eye-catching to consumers, so they’re more likely to stop and take notice.

Continue to Build Your Brand

Right now, video marketing is one of the best ways to increase your brand awareness. It’s the easiest way to tell your business’ story in a creative and intriguing way.

It’s the perfect way to build trust with your audience by answering some of the most common questions and showing the core values of the business. With platforms such as Youtube, you have the ability to boost your visibility tenfold.

Go Live

Live streaming gives businesses the opportunity to show their consumers behind the scenes. People want to see how a business is run, now more than ever. For example, people like to see the process of how all-natural beauty products are made. People like to ask questions and get a real-time answer.

Live streaming presents consumers with an opportunity for convenience. They want to know something and they want to know it now. Many businesses also use it as a way to report new and exciting ventures or new releases.

Tips to Succeed in Video Marketing

Create the content people want to watch

Videos are flowing to all social networks every fraction of a second, and there is a great race towards attracting users’ attention, if you are in content marketing keen to provide strong, attractive, and useful content with the same rule that applies to video marketing, focus on the value you provide to your customers.

Quality first

The video consists of three basic elements, which are content, image, and sound effects, it is necessary to integrate the quality of the three elements to provide professional marketing video content, make every effort to ensure that the video is produced in high quality that users enjoy watching and sharing with their friends or even download and keep it, and remember that 90% Of people today trust colleagues’ recommendations about company announcements.

The beginning is pivotal

The first 10 seconds of a video is enough to get users to continue watching it or turn it off to switch to other content, according to research by Visible Measures, 20% of viewers will give up watching the video in 10 seconds or less. Attractive and interesting enough to attract them.

Don’t sell, add value

You can use promotional videos for your products or services directly, but the most influential videos are those that add something new, value or information to viewers instead of focusing clearly on the product and its benefits.

Make it short

Users on the Internet do not have much time to watch long clips, in addition to the constant flow of information, and the huge crowd of clips that they encounter on every platform, so experts advise that they should focus on creating short, beautiful, effective, and useful videos instead of long ones, remember that The ideal length for a video today is around one minute, and the longer your videos, the higher your stopping rates.

Make it compatible with the mobile

In 2018, the number of mobile phone users reached 5.135 billion, an increase of 4% year-on-year, with the increasing number of people using mobile devices to browse the Internet, it will be necessary for the videos to be compatible with smartphones, and can be downloaded and enjoyed on mobile devices.

Improve the visibility of the video

Just as you strive to improve your written content on search engines, it is essential that you also strive to improve the visibility of your video on search engines by choosing a motivating title that carries the most searched keywords.

Use the call to action

Like other forms of content, users must know exactly what you want from them after they finish watching the clip, by using words that urge them to take a specific action, such as: visit our website, subscribe to the channel … etc.

Share content

You should not only design a beautiful, useful, or fun video, you should share the video widely on social networks and on your website and ask your followers to share it, in order to achieve the expected results, record the widest spread and lead to more promotion.

Consider and Measure These Things

Play Rate

The Play Rate is broken down into this formula:

Number of times your video was Played/Number of Views the video generated = Play Rate

When a user is scrolling through the news feed and the video starts to play its preview, which generates a Play. When the user clicks on the video so they can watch it, that generates a View. It might be a little confusing, but both of these terms have a different definition in analytics, and it is important to know the difference between both of them.

Your Play Rate percentage can tell you how engaging your video content is. The higher the percentage, the more engaging it is. If you have a low Play Rate percentage, you should take the opportunity to study other videos within your field so you can figure out what you are lacking. A good place to look is the comments section, as a responsive audience will tell their creators exactly what they enjoy about the content. From there, you can produce more content with this information in mind.


The platform that you are publishing on will determine what kind of reactions you can gauge. This is a list of the most common reactions you will find:

  • Shares: The user shared your content on their page.
  • Likes: A simple thumbs up.
  • Dislike: A simple thumbs down.
  • Comments: A self-made response from the user that could be positive or negative.

Reactions give you a direct response from the user that tells you how they feel about your content. These responses can potentially attract or detract an interaction from another user that finds this response. This is the closest thing to word-of-mouth marketing you will find in the digital world. As long as your content is strong, it is a powerful tool.

Average View Duration

Average View Duration is broken down with the following formula:

Total Video Watch Time/Total Number of Plays = Average View Duration

With the Average View Duration figured out, you can average how much of your video is being watched by everyone that has Played your video. The higher the average number, the more of your video your audience has watched.

It is important to remember that your video will not have its entirety viewed on every watch. As a baseline, I recommend using half of the video’s duration. I am pretty happy when my viewers have watched at least half of my video because that means they at least got the core message that I am trying to get across. If my audience watched less than half of my video, I investigate a little further into…

Audience Retention

This graph will tell you where exactly your audience stopped paying attention to your video – whether it’s because they clicked off of it or they turned the video off. The graph will help you maximize the time you are spending on camera so you can get your message across. Some sample actions you can take includes:

  • Placing your Call to Action earlier in the video
  • Trimming the script of excess content.
  • Rewrite your script so it is more engaging.
  • Make sure your keywords are targeting the right audience.

Click-Through Rate

If you provide your audience with a Call to Action, you can measure the number of times your audience partook in this activity with the Click-Through Rate. It is measured with this formula:

Users that activated call to action/Total Number of Plays = Click-Through Rate

This Call to Action can be any number of activities, including the following examples:

  • Signed up for your Newsletter
  • Purchased a Service or Item
  • Visited Website
  • Subscribed to Channel
  • Answered a Poll

The Click-Through Rate is important because it will show you how effective your video performance marketing is. The higher your percentage, the more users your video persuaded to take the action it asked of them.


There are plenty of tools that can help you effectively market your video to the public. As long as you are paying attention to the metrics of video performance, you should be able to come up with a strategy that will get your user base reacting exactly the way you want them to.

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