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How to Transform Your Office into a Paperless One

In the world of growing technology and the ability to jot things down on the piece of tech that you have with you, it is no wonder that the use of paper and ink has started to go out of style. With many trends shifting towards other means, the sales of paper and ink are still declining, slowly but surely.

It is amazing to somehow paper has not been diminished entirely. While it is likely that maybe at some point it will be, it doesn’t seem to be happening within the near future.

Better for the environment and even the office, going paperless is a common goal for so many that want to do their part to save the earth, one paper at a time. Even without the use of paper, having realistic expectations when it comes to making the switch is ideal. Sometimes paper is required. We have relied on it so heavily in the past years that it might be something that is easier said to remove than done.

Due to this, some paper might still be found in paperless offices, though it is used much, much less than you’d find in offices that continue to use paper.

Become more efficient and effective within a paper-free environment when you use these tips to reduce the amount of paper consumed within the office space.

Know How Much Paper is Being Used

Knowing how much paper is being used by each person is going to help you find out the true numbers of paper usage when you start to cut back. Making sure that everyone knows the plan, you have a record to see how far along you come.

Do As Much as You Can Paperless

Pay bills and request bills through the internet, in email instead of by mail. This will reduce the amount of mail that is being sent to the office, thus reducing the amount of paper that is being used there.

Remove the Convenience of Printing

Be able to remove the convenience of printing from your office. By removing some of the printers, cutting back on the paper that is provided and moving the printer to a less convenient location, you can essentially cut back on how many people are going to use it.

Recycle and Reuse

If papers are being used throughout the office, it is important that you make good use of them. If the backs are fine or only a small area has been used, keep a collection box of these papers. Just make sure they’re not the confidential ones or ones that have signatures on them. This box can then be used for scrap paper or other types of uses.

Add in Another Monitor

When employees want to cross-reference materials, they will print them so that they can check as they go. However, having a second monitor helps to do away with this. This lessens the printing that is done since cross-referencing can now be done on the extra screen.

Signatures Can Be Done Electronically

Electronic signatures are just as good as the ones that are handwritten. You can have everyone sign things through an electronic signature that is verified. Due to the law that is passed, this is just as good as signing by hand.

Skip the Fax

Faxing is old school, so you want to do something that is better with the times. Usually, a document that can be signed and returned right on a web browser is something that can be done to swap papers back and forth. This also discourages the use of many papers in the fax machine.

Make Use of Real-Time Apps

These apps are going to provide everyone with a chance to have a web conference, but not have to worry about swapping papers. All notes and a recording can be saved for future reference. It also creates a less hectic work environment since everything is done conveniently over the app. You can use web conferencing apps such as UberConference.

Make All Documents Digital

Scanning all of the documents that you use within your business is ideal. Not only is this a great way to store them, but you also do not need to keep stacks of boxes that have documents in them. By making them digital, you can ensure that you have a backup copy of them, as well.

If You Must Print, Use Both Sides

If someone within the company has to print something, make sure that both sides of the paper are being printed on. With the complex settings that so many printers come with today, there should be no reason why someone wouldn’t be able to print on both sides of the paper.

Use Other Note-Taking Products

Voice recorders, digital note pads and even apps that provide note taking abilities can all be used instead of paper to record and save notes. Depending on where the notes are being taken, it is important that they are saved in a place that can easily be accessed later on.

Consider Many Online Options

There are numerous online apps and products that can be used to help keep your business running. When it comes to those online options, you want to make sure that you sign up for a fax service for those other companies you do business with that don’t want to make the transition. This is a must. However, many other online options are also available for use.
By turning your company into a paperless one, you’re essentially helping the world out one paper at a time. Even if you do not completely remove the paper from the office space, you can still ensure that you’re reducing the amount of paper being used and wasted on a daily basis. Just make sure to keep track of the paper usage within your company to find out how much you’re saving. You might be surprised to find that paper usage is easy to save on expenses, especially when the use of electronics is on the rise.

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