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How To Update Sound Driver In Windows 10

If there are no proper sound drivers available in the Windows computer then your speakers are surely not going to give what you need. Forget smoothness, you can hear cracking sounds, poor gaming experience and missing sound effects.

Sometimes, there is no sound at all. This means that you need to update the sound driver on Windows 10 so that you can enjoy the sound driver in Windows easily.

Before we give you all the solutions, manual or automatic method, you need to check that your speakers are not on mute. With a manual method, you can easily update the sound driver but it may be a time consuming method. On the other hand, if you update sound driver using a third party driver updater software, you will not only save time but also update multiple drivers at the same time.

Containing all the information above, this blog will explain to you how to update sound drivers very easily.

Update Sound Driver With These Methods

Method 1: Update Drivers Manually

In order to update the sound driver manually, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows + X key on the keyboard and open Device Manager.

Step 2: Expand the Device Manager and locate your sound driver under ‘Sound, video and game controllers’.

Step 3: Right-click on the audio driver below the sub-head and select ‘Update driver software’.

That’s it. Your sound driver will be updated on Windows 10 after you restart the computer. Understand that Device Manager is a dedicated tool that updates the drivers and anything that doesn’t have non-driver updates. Although the source of driver updates is the same as Windows updates or Microsoft servers.

Method 2: Update Drivers Using Smart Driver Care

Smart Driver Care is a smart and unique tool which is capable of fixing all the available drivers in the computer instantly. The reason why we recommend this method to update sound drivers is its ability to search all the latest drivers throughout the internet and update them as per the requirement of the system. In order to update the sound driver using Smart Driver Care, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Download and install Smart Driver Care on your computer. Launch the program from the downloaded shortcut and begin the process.

Step 2: Click ‘Scan Now’ from the tool and the scanning will begin right after.

Step 3: The list of available drivers will be displayed on the screen. Choose ‘Update driver’ beside the sound driver. Moreover, you can also select ‘Update All’ from the top right corner of the screen and all the drivers will be updated automatically.

Why Choose Smart Driver Care?
  • Smart Driver Care automatically detects corrupt, missing or outdated drivers. After finding it, it updates the drivers to save time and energy.
  • It offers a one click updating solution.
  • Takes the backup of all the installed drivers before updating new one so that it can be rolled back, whenever required.
  • Also known for updating software installed in the system in order to keep their performance at the peak.

Method 3: Update Windows

As we know that Windows is constantly updated and all of the updates are sent through the Microsoft updates. You can get driver updates, security patches, and multiple other updates with features. For this Windows update, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step 1: Go to Start on the computer and locate Settings.

Step 2:  In Settings, go to Windows Update.

Step 3: Here, select ‘check for updates’. If there are any updates, install them on the computer.

Alternatively, try these steps below.

Step 1: Press Windows + I key at the same time and the Settings window will open up.

Step 2: In the left panel, click on Windows update.

Step 3: Here, click Advanced Options in the Settings window. Click open Optional updates here.

Step 4: Select driver updates here and select the driver you want to update. Click the Download & install button below and you will be able to download the drivers here.

Step 5: Restart the computer once the update is done and now you will be able to enjoy all the latest updates of the drivers.

Wrap Up

We are hopeful that you have found out how to update the sound driver in Windows 10 with the help of this blog. If you ask for our recommendations amongst the above, we suggest you download and install Smart Driver Care in your system as it is certainly the best driver update software for Windows. Moreover, it downloads the drivers automatically making sure that no updates are left behind. You can certainly go for manual updates in the system but they are a little time and energy consuming. However, share your choice of updating sound driver with us in the comments section.



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