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How To Use Printed Catalogs To Drive Online Sales

Until the recent few years, catalogs were mainly preferred as the primary source of advertising for brands. However, digitalization has changed all that. Online trends are majorly used for marketing in our current day and age.

But, the one thing that most marketers fail to realize that catalogs still hold a place in the market and are as significant as ever. The motive of every business is to increase and boost sales, and catalogs serve to that very purpose.

Catalogs are extremely useful when it comes to enhancing sales as well as to reach out to new and potential customers. Additionally, catalogs have proven to influence buying decisions among consumers as compared to emails and newsletters. They are designed in a fashion that makes it easier for customers to get all the detailed and specific information about the various products and services that your business offers.

To make things simpler, here’s how you can make use of printed catalogs to drive online sales. Take a look!

Connects Tangibly

People tend to connect with catalogs easily because they are tangible and harder to dismiss. On the other hand, online ads and e-mails can be ignored with a single swipe. While scrolling through the internet, we come across a number of products that grabs our eye. Most of the times, we bookmark what we see, and then end up forgetting about it. However, it’s exactly the opposite with catalogs. Customers tend to easily connect and engage with catalogs through stories and images.

Catalogs are tangible and customers find it convenient to skim through the pages at their leisure. Furthermore, browsing through products is much easier on a catalog when compared to searching for something online. While shopping online, we have to filter through the various categories and suitable price before we come across what we are looking for. Catalogs are designed to make it easier for customers to understand the various products that your business has to offer.

They Drive Online Sales

Catalogs play a major role when it comes to boosting online sales. After going through the catalog at their own leisure and picking the products that they like, customers place their order online. Catalog printing is all about making sure that you have the right product descriptions, apt information and direct call-to-action. This drives customers towards your online store which allows them to further engage with your brand.

Multi-Channel Shopping

While catalogs do a play a major role in driving online sales, they also have the ability to draw customers towards your other online and offline channels. If you are going to invest in bulk catalog printing, then make sure to provide all your contact information to the customer so that they can easily get in touch with you through their preferred channel. Make sure to include content information such as:

  • Store location address
  • Contact numbers
  • Mailing address
  • Website address
  • And, the Social media platform links that you can be reached on

Enhances Brand Awareness

Catalogs have the ability to reach potential customers who may be looking for the exact same products and services that you offer. Printed catalogs are one of the best and effective ways to showcase your brand. Professional catalog printing is all about adding fonts, graphics, elements, logos, colour palettes, typography that will look visually appealing. All these elements give your catalog a unique identity and allow a buyer to understand what the brand has to offer. If you manage to create an impactful catalog, it increases your chances of communicating and reaching out to a wider range of consumers. Additionally, if your catalog manages to highlight your features and USP’s it automatically becomes a successful marketing tool.


A single catalog issue can last for months without getting old; this increases the likelihood of people coming across your catalog. You will most likely come across catalogs placed along with magazines and newspapers in common areas, reading lounges, libraries and on coffee tables. This automatically gives printed catalogs a longer shelf life. They constantly remind buyers about your brand and your services. This improves the chances of attracting more customers towards your business and products.

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