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How to Use Technology to Boost Your Marketing Team

Marketing was once a creative field, requiring snazzy adverts and well-written copy to get your firm ahead. Of course, this is as true as it was thirty years ago, but the difference in the modern marketing world is, naturally, the rise of the internet and digital technologies.

It’s these technologies that have birthed innovations in the marketing space that have helped small and medium-sized businesses build huge followings and increase their sales ten-fold online.

To make the most of digital marketing technologies, use the tips below to harness the power of modern innovations as they’re released to businesses.


Any software that automates will be useful for your business. For example, the CMS management systems that send out automated marketing emails can save your employees hours of contacting time, pushing this responsibility instead of over to the algorithms that MailChimp runs on. Meanwhile, automating customer service responses on social media, which is something that marketing teams are often faced with, can be achieved instead by a chatbot. Use these excellent and smooth automation software products to quicken the pace within your marketing department.  Find a good email procurement solution to extract all the email ids from your target customers and niches.


The big question on the lips of your board members and executives is simple: does all of this work? Is our investment in digital marketing effective in getting us seen, heard, and bought online? In the past, it was difficult to answer these questions with certainty, but today, with modern analysis technologies and monitoring services that keep an eye on the traffic on your website, it’s easier than ever to determine where your customers are from, and what it is that led them to your website. These analysis software solutions then present your marketing data in useful graphs, which you can go over with your team to work out what you’re doing most effectively within your firm.


As mentioned above, it’s well worth getting to grips with the software that’ll send your marketing materials out to consumers in an automated and regular fashion. The example given above was an email marketing one and there’s no doubt that the likes of MailChimp can be of service here in cutting down the time your team spends getting emails to consumers. And, the exact same time-saving benefits are derived from using enterprise text messaging software which sends SMS messages direct to phones across the country on an automated basis. This means you can reach more consumers without requiring your staff to constantly draft and send messages.

Social Media Organizers

Small companies know that social media is important, but they’re not quite sure how to use it effectively. Over time, this can lead to one staff member taking up most of their day jumping across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in a mad hurry to answer posts and comments and to share the latest material that you’ve published with your followers.

Of course, this is a wildly inefficient way to market on social media. It’s recommended that instead, you use one of the many social media managers for marketing teams, which helps you by centralizing your channels onto one management software solution, enabling your social media executive to achieve an aerial view over all of your social media output.

Content Generation

Getting adverts designed can take a long time. Even if you have a professional and well-regarded designer on your team who’s ready to step up to design material for you at a moment’s notice, a large design can still take days to produce. Meanwhile, though, there are plenty of software solutions that can help you to design a poster or a social media post with ease and in a matter of minutes. They might not be of the highest quality, but they’ll save your hours of time, and in those moments when you simply need to get the message out in an eye-catching manner, you’ll benefit from these content production programs.

Sales and Forecasting

Finally, your marketing team can only justify its spending and its request for more funding if it’s able to draw a direct line between your investment in your strategy, and a return of investment seen in your sales. And to do this, you need to crunch some numbers around your sales data. You need to understand and extrapolate how much value your last marketing strategy brought to your firm in terms of sales and profits generated. From this figure, you’ll be able to lobby your executive managers for further investment in your marketing team and future marketing drives.

As such, engagement with the software that’ll help you forecast your spend, and measure your ROI, can be hugely important in saving your time and persuading managers to give you more freedom to advertise online.

There you have it: a set of simple software solutions that will be of use to any marketing department looking to streamline and optimize their workflow in 2020.

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