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How To Utilize Video Clips In Your Marketing Efforts

If you’ve been around in the early years of the Internet, you may have noticed the evolution of consumers’ tastes when it comes to consuming information.

It began with text, which is understandable because it required the smallest file size for publishing, and progressed to images. Nowadays, videos are the preferred medium of most web users, i.e., potential customers.

From short videos on social media sites to longer, story-type videos on websites, this is now the most effective way to get your message across and gain the attention of your target market.

For this reason, most businesses are turning to this type of content as part of their branding strategy to reach out to prospects. As a small business owner, you should start utilizing video clips to boost your marketing efforts, if you haven’t already. Or else, you could be missing out on so many positive effects that it could bring for your business.

To start with, here are some ways you can use the medium for your business: 


Most companies take advantage of videos to promote their products and services. The best thing about this medium is that you can control everything from the script to the tone that you want consumers to hear when they watch your clips. In addition, you can also make your videos tailored to become more interesting and also well suited to the niche that your company belongs to. This advantage adds to the coherence factor that you’d like to show on your website. This way, you leave no room for misinterpretation or confusion over your ad and boost conversions. Click here to learn more about video marketing before proceeding through the tips below.

For instance, if you sell garden tools and want to create a homey feel to your ad, you can easily incorporate all the elements that you want in your video, including some short nature clips to deliver your point to your audience. The best thing about this medium is that you can create a compelling and concise advertisement that’s specific to your target market. Because your videos are interesting, it also sticks more in the mind of your audience. So, it’s easier for them to associate your business with the products and services you’re selling.

That said, here are a few tips to help you maximize your advertising videos:

  • Personalize Your Videos – You must create content that’s customized for a particular audience’s preferences. When you personalize your videos, your viewers have that direct recall in their minds that that video is associated with your brand.

Going back to the garden tools business example, one of your prospect demographics would typically be mothers, so you have to produce videos that suit their tastes so that you can retain their interest in your products and services.

  • Keep It Relevant – If you’re publishing your videos on YouTube or Instagram, make sure that you personalize it for the content where it will be showing up. You don’t want to disrupt viewers’ expectations by showing garden tools ads while they search for tutorials on how to troubleshoot a computer program.
  • Make the First Few Seconds Count – In today’s highly-competitive marketing environment, you have to ensure that you grab your audience’s attention right from the start. One significant advantage of videos is that you can get straight to the climax in the beginning to pique potential customers’ interests then provide the context in the middle.
  • Include a CTA – A call-to-action (CTA) instructs viewers on what they should do after watching your ad. You should be specific in your CTA to, again, minimize the risk of misinterpretations or confusion. Generally, you’ll want your call-to-action to be persuasive, such that through your video, you’re able to gain new followers or buyers. Better yet, a sale can also be successfully made.

About Us

Digital marketing is a valuable tool in promoting not just your products and services, but your brand as well. Introduce your company to potential customers and share with them your history, as well as the advocacy that keeps you going.

Today’s generation of consumers wants authenticity. They are no longer impressed with flashy and highly-produced ads. Instead, they want to know the brand personally and see the human side of each business.

Capture their attention with an About Us video that showcases how your brand started through the hard work of its founders and employees. You can also include footage of daily operations in your office to give consumers an idea of what happens behind the scenes.


Another common use of video in digital marketing is to provide instructions and a live demonstration of how customers can use your products. This is particularly useful if you are in a highly technical industry, such as construction equipment or Software as a Service (SaaS).

Showing consumers how to maximize the use of your merchandise has two primary advantages. First, they can enjoy utilizing your product or service. Next, you boost your reliability as a business that provides exemplary customer service.


Explainers are different from tutorials. The latter, as mentioned above, offers instructions or demonstrations on the different ways to use your products or services. The former, on the other hand, allows you to expound on complex concepts and processes.

Animated explainers are very useful in providing visuals to difficult thoughts and ideas. You can start with simple whiteboard animation or go full-force and have it done by illustrators and animators.

These are the top animated explainer video formats that you can use:

  • Whiteboard Animation – This type is one of the most straightforward ways to create an explainer video. You just need a few sequential images that describe a concept comprehensively. You have the option to show the process of drawing or just the final illustration.
  • 2D Character – In this format, characters, backgrounds, and other elements are incorporated into a 2D environment to explain a thought or process. It’s the traditional animation that’s flat, unlike 3D, which looks more realistic.
  • 2.5D Animation – While 3D animation allows you to create beautiful characters and environments in your videos, it can be a bit expensive. Fortunately, you can get relatively the same results with 2.5D animation. This format makes a 2D space look 3D with the use of layering, shadowing, and other perspective adjustments.
  • Screencast – Another common explainer video type is screencast. You can find this mostly with app troubleshooting videos where a narrator displays their computer or phone screen and navigates through the program to show viewers where they can find the right settings to tweak. It’s often accompanied by a voice-over directing users on where to go.

Public Relations

You can also use videos for your PR, such as when responding to hot topics or by providing consumers with updates on your growth. Remember to make the most out of the medium by controlling the tone and pace of your content, as well as directing viewers’ attention to the points that you want to emphasize.


Videos are the preferred medium of consumers today. The video, as a component of marketing campaigns, has been fondly labeled as some of the most important developments in digital marketing. That’s why, as a business owner, you have to keep up with the times and take advantage of this phenomenon by promoting your brand and merchandise through videos.

Create ads to endorse your products and services as well as About Us videos to introduce potential customers to your brand. Other types of video formats include tutorials, explainers, and PR videos.

Keep in mind that human beings are very visual individuals, and it’s easier to get a message across when it’s in video format. Otherwise, if your website is too text heavy, you can run the risk of your target audience not even reading through what you have to say. It becomes boring and uninteresting. Videos, on the other hand, will keep your target audience looking forward to learning more about your products and services.

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