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How You Can Improve Customer Engagement

Hearing customer feedback can be both incredibly rewarding and difficult to hear. However, engaging with your customers can encourage growth for both your company and the product or service you’re offering. Responding to their needs and emotions makes customers loyal and likely to recommend you to others.

Get Feedback

If customers feel that they can’t tell you how to improve your brand or what they love about it, they won’t really have any reason to engage with your brand. Asking for questionnaires on your social media and other forms of communication shows that each potential user of your product is valued. Nipping problems in the bud is well worth your time before dissatisfied customers communicate using word of mouth. Using live chats and email surveys are just two ways of achieving this.

Good Web Design

If your website looks like it would be better run on Windows 97, then customers aren’t going to spend too much time lingering around on your web pages. Taking the time to find an agency that will give you a modern and slick website will invite people to stay on there for longer and find out a bit more about what you have to offer. If your team are short of a web designer who’s well-versed in SEO-friendly URLs, then hiring a service to reliably do this for you is advised. Digital Marketing Services that set up everything for you, from PPC to email marketing and automation will make this aspect of increasing customer engagement much easier.

Be Active on Social Media

Some people can sometimes be reluctant to fill in feedback questionnaires, after all, we all spend the first chunk of our day busy at work. People are much more likely to express enthusiasm and support if they can find a social media page for your product. Encouraging engagement in the comments, hosting mini-competitions and using hashtags to find your community will all bring customers to you.

Create Engaging Content

If your only form of PR is one press release a week, then customers aren’t going to have a huge amount of access to what you’re promoting. Publishing insightful articles and posts means that customers will actually want to read about either your product or the article surrounding your product. Using the aforementioned social media channels to hook people in and ask questions, such as ‘Enjoying our product? Tell us more!’ will prompt users to have their say and feel seen.

Blog Posts and Visuals

Using little video shorts and animations will put you miles ahead of companies just using stock photos. Investing in a new employee or freelancer to create these for you will be well worth the engagement the posts will get. For example, Tasty.co‘s videos set them aside from other recipe and food platforms and increased how much they were shared among other users. Creating SEO-friendly blogs also gets your products seen by customers and provides them with much more detail. Comments underneath the blog also encourage customers to share their own experiences and feedback.

As more and more of your customers begin to surface on social media or blog posts you’ll quickly begin to get a very clear sense of who your demographic is. While their engagement might not always be positive, it can mean the difference between a company who grows and improves and one that just stays still.

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