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Improve Landing Page Conversion Rates with These 6 Tips

Having a well-designed landing page is one of the best ways to bring in subscribers to websites and online services. It converts visitors and thus brings in more traffic to a webpage.

However, there are a lot of ways it could go wrong. Landing pages are meant to be tools for very specific marketing pitches. They’re meant to attract niche customers and not appeal to the general public.

A clear, focused message is just a part of the story. There are a lot of other factors that need to be covered on a landing page.

A quick loading landing page helps improve its SEO

Here are six tips to improve landing page conversion rates.

According to research, a webpage’s loading speed is the biggest factor for its success. Pages that load slowly often result in high bounce rates. According to one study, the bounce rate of a page can increase by 7% once a 1-second delay occurs.

Hence, it’s the job of a web designer to make a landing page as light as possible. For example, it shouldn’t have heavy images or audio files. It should also be optimized to load quickly and not be too dependent on the internet connection of the user.

Hence, trimming down a landing page to its essentials and removing any heavy files can help. This way, the page will load quickly and the bounce rate will automatically be reduced.

Choose a Single Call to Action (CTA)

Every single landing page has to market or speak to a specific audience. It can’t beat around the bush to push too many messages. This is why it’s a bad idea to have too many CTAs. One sharp and focused CTA is much better than giving too many links too click on.

Multiple CTAs confuse the visitor

Every single landing page has to be made for the advertisement and marketing of a single product or service. If not, this can confuse the visitor into choosing what’s best for them. They may even click off, thinking that this isn’t for them. Research shows that landing pages that only have one link can lead to higher conversion rates than those with more.

With multiple links and CTAs numbering over two or three, the conversion rate drops to lower than even 10%. That’s not the ideal scenario for a business. Hence, staying focused on the message is the best way to improve conversions through landing pages.

Use Relevant Images and Human Faces

If you have to put an image on your landing page, then it should be lively and energetic. It should ideally be a human face. People’s faces tend to resonate with other people. This is because there is an inherent trigger of trust when people see another human’s face. It looks familiar and safe.

Even during A/B testing, a vital part of landing page construction, research has shown human faces as more effective. However, if we go one step beyond, we need to find relevant images more than just generic human faces.

If you’re pushing a product, find an image that represents that product well. If you’re promoting a service, show that service being used and its convenience. You can show a human using both your product and your service; just make it relevant. Don’t put in a picture of a couple just staring at the sky without some context. That will only confuse the user.

Landing Page Images Should Mirror Ads

Landing pages should be focused and connected to their ads. This is vital to converting your users into customers. When a user clicks on your ad or link and goes to a landing page, they should find what they’re looking for. The title of the page, meta details, and images need to mirror the ad.

If they don’t, the viewer may leave thinking that they’ve been duped. This is very vital to the landing page conversion process. This also reduces the quality score of a page. When that goes down, you pay a penalty in terms of a great cost per click or conversion. It also decreases the trustworthiness of the page and thus its search result ranking depreciates.

So always remember to match the ad details to its landing page.

There’s No Substitute for Compelling Copy

When it comes to compelling copy, there’s no substitute for it. If your message is compelling and your CTA is good enough, then your conversions are going to come no matter what. However, if the copy is not compelling at all, then no amount of images or pizzazz is going to convert users.

Compelling copy helps a landing page rank better

Hence, you need to come up with compelling slogans and reasons so that people will buy your product or service. Make sure that the copy is devoid of spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Also, make sure to not copy from other sites. You can emulate their style if need be, but try to be original in your approach.  This helps your page rank better with Google since it ranks highly for original, relevant, and meaningful content.

You should consider hiring copywriting services for this part. They will craft your message the perfect way to reach consumers and rank highly in search results.

Don’t Skip Out on Essential Product Info

Essential Product Info needs to be described in the landing page of a product or service. If you don’t describe all the essential stuff on your landing page, your audience may still have questions. Perhaps they’re already subscribed to a competing service or buy a competing product. If your product doesn’t offer something to match it or beat it, why would they switch?

Compelling copy helps a landing page rank better

Hence, there is a need for you to describe your product in as much detail as possible. Don’t overdo it of course; however, describe what core benefits it will bring to the customers and what the pricing is.

If you follow these 6 tips, you’ll probably improve your landing page conversions quite a bit.

Author bio: As a Sr. Editor Dave and his team of web copywriters at Content Development Pros have helped small and large businesses get results through content. Look no further if you’re looking for copy that stands out, makes an impact, and converts. Here they help you achieve your marketing goals through creative, well-researched content that follows the best SEO practices

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