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Improving Your Website for Your Manufacturing Business

In this day and age, almost every business has a website. It’s understandable considering most of your target customers are going to be online. After all, this is the era of smartphones and social media, so people often expect businesses to have at least a basic level of online presence.

Learning how to navigate your way around the online world, however, isn’t always the easiest task. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t neglect your website if you do have one because you could be missing out on golden opportunities to attract the kind of contracts and customers you need as a manufacturing business.

In light of this, here’s how you can improve your website.

Work on Your SEO

Without SEO, it’s highly unlikely that your website will be noticeable online. You need people searching for products and services similar to yours to be able to spot you easily. A couple of ways that you can improve your SEO include:

Choose the right keywords

When choosing keywords, make sure you do your research and include long-tail keywords too. You want a list of keywords that you can choose from, and you can compose this by thinking like a customer and what they’re likely to type in their search engines.

Optimize site speed

Don’t scare customers off with an impossibly slow site. To avoid this and ensure it loads super fast, try changing your hosting and using a content delivery network. It may also help to cache your website and remove unused plugins.

Build links

When trying to improve SEO, don’t forget to include both inbound and outbound links. Remember that link building can significantly improve SEO as it gives your website more authority. Remember to get links from credible and reputable sites by guest posting.

Include High Res Images

Your images can significantly impact the way visitors perceive your brand and whether they choose to buy anything on your website. You want to make sure the resolution is as high as possible and that they’re an accurate representation of what you’re selling if that’s the case.

To get high-resolution pictures, try making sure you use the best lighting when taking shots.  Alternatively, you can use a professional photographer if you can afford it.

Highlight Positive Practices

These days, many people are interested in business practices and want to know that the businesses they work with operate in an ethical way. You should, therefore, make sure there is a section on your website that highlights this as it could help strengthen leads and convert customers. If you recycle by using 13 gauge baling wire, then mention that and ensure it’s visible. This is a way to subtly sell your business and show you care about the environment as well as making money.

Provide Valuable Information

Your website should be one of the first interactions your prospective customers have with you. Make it impressive by providing valuable information. It could mean having a high-quality blog that answers common questions, or tips on using your products and services. Another way you can improve website content is by paying attention to the length of your content and avoiding spammy language. Be as human, easy to understand and welcoming as possible.

Your website should be a positive representation of your brand at all times. By making sure it’s well-functioning, you’re doing your business and customers a favor. Ultimately, your website can be used to grow your business with the right approach.

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