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Increase Instagram Followers for Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Your graphic design portfolio will help you attract the targeted audience online. However, are you using social media for the task? If you are a graphic designer with a website, merely posting your work online is not enough for you to attract clients. You need to use the power of social media platforms.

Since graphic design is a visual art, it is crucial to use social media platform Instagram for the task.

Why Instagram?

Instagram is a visual social media platform with over 800 million users. If you do not have your graphic design portfolio on Instagram, you will be missing out on the targeted audience. The average age of users on Instagram is 18 years to 30 years. This age group is known to make significant purchasing decisions. If you are a graphic designer and do not even have an account on Instagram or any social media platform, it is high time for you to begin now.

Graphic design and Instagram- why combine the two?

Graphic design and Instagram are a winning combination if you want to attract a targeted audience and get more clients. Instagram is a mobile application that helps you upload your work on the platform so that it helps the client get an insight into who you are and what you do. When you are creating an Instagram account, ensure you build a business page on Facebook as well which will help you get started.

Instagram is an easy interface, and to upload work designs, and you do not have even to use a computer. You can upload from your smartphone at any time and any place. Take pictures of your work and use the beautiful photo filters available to make it look appealing and attractive to the targeted audience. The image should be bright and not hazy. Once you have taken the picture, you upload the image to your Instagram page, and you start connecting with your followers.

What if you have no Instagram followers?

It is obvious, in the beginning, when you start off, you will have very few Instagram followers. So first you need to start working on creating more followers. If you do not have a decent number of followers for your profile, clients may not trust and be ready to offer you their projects.

Getting Instagram followers does not mean you have to spend a fortune on the task. You have the option of buying Instagram followers from sites like Gramblast. There are affordable packages you may opt for you setting up an initial base of followers that will later help you get more followers for your Instagram account. The next steps are free steps that will ensure you double the number of Instagram followers in no time.

Three free tips for you to increase Instagram followers for your graphic design portfolios:

Choose the right time of the day for you to post your work

There is no ideal time for you to post your work when you wish to reach out to your Instagram followers. You should log in your Instagram account for some days and check the time when most of your followers are active. Post during that time. Use Instagram Stories to catch the attention of your audience. Post images and videos in the Instagram Story so that your followers get it on the top of their news feed. Instagram Stories stay on top of news feeds for 24 hours, and this promotes instant shares. You must use the right pictures that are relevant to your line of work. Hashtags and captions will help you. They are covered in the next point coming up.


What is the point of posting your graphic design work if no one can see you? Hashtags come into play. They play an essential role to make your work visible to the targeted audience. As a new beginner on Instagram, the art of using hashtags might seem daunting to you. However, it is simple for you to pick up with some time and guidance. Use the popular hashtags like #graphicdesign #graphicdesigning etc. You can also use a hashtag for the topic or subject you have created for the graphic design for like #realestate, #fashiondesign, etc. You may also check competitor websites for you to get an idea on the popular and trending hashtags. With the help of hashtags, you can build your audience. There are people on Instagram that are looking for you and hashtags will make your work visible to them. They can find you and contact you for work. You can use up to 30 hashtags for your work. However, pick them wisely and be consistent so that your audience finds you quickly.

Describe your work and present it nicely

You should write a good description of your post and include a link to the presentation of your work. This presentation should have a clean and professional layout so that your client is impressed. Spend time and ensure that you have a creative and professional layout for your audience. Make your portfolio large so that people can view your work and see the professional designs you work on in all niches. Make sure you have a well -designed portfolio before you include the link. Check the link to ensure it is not broken. A broken link will only deter targeted audience from visiting your portfolio again. Moreover, when you are writing the description of your link, do not make any spelling or grammatical errors.

Therefore, if you are a graphic designer and wish to double followers to your Instagram account, keep these three tips in mind. Use them and watch the count of your followers grow. Check your portfolio from time to time so that the link to it is working. Instagram is a fantastic platform for every graphic designer to reach out to their targeted audience. The photo-sharing site helps the targeted audience to find them faster and hire them for diverse projects without wasting time and money!

Author Bio: Harris is a leading blog writer and content marketing professional with thousands of real Instagram followers for his postings. You can visit Gramblast and learn how to build more follower presence.

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