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How to Increase Traffic to your Site Without Buying Links?

Whether you have a site for selling products or services or for your personal purpose, without readership it won’t succeed. When someone is searching for a product or a solution, he should come across and not someone else. You need to make your site SEO-friendly.

There are many ways to do so both organic and paid. In this post, you will learn how to get traffic from Google and other places (without purchasing any links).

Aim at people, not the search engine.

The search engines will not purchase your product, the real human beings will. Aim at writing for real buyer personas. Even before launching your product or setting the site, who will use it. Focus on how your site would be helping them. When you address their issues rightly, you naturally improve your site’s SEO.

Analyze your competitors.

Studying other influential bloggers/sites with higher rank in your niche would also help present yourself better. Analyze how they are gaining traffic. What keywords they are targeting? What strategies they are applying to gain it? Study them that you can learn and do something similar.

Take care of on-page SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is another extremely important tools to draw traffic to your site. It is much more than stuffing keywords into your content. To start;

  • Install Google Analytics and get your site verified in Google Search Console. It will help you assess keyword ranking and the traffic moving in. If you have a WordPress site, then Yoast SEO plugin would be helpful. Ensure that the site is mobile-friendly and fast.
  • Do some brainstorming for appropriate keywords. Keywords Elsewhere chrome extension, MOZ SEO Toolbar and Google Keyword Planner would help you do it. Focus on one main keyword per page. You can use long-tail keywords.
  • Highlight the benefits in the meta description. Use keywords in the Tags, URL, Meta description, Headlines.
  • Include two or more outbound links to popular and authority sites.

Write compelling content.

An effective sales copy converts apprehensive readers into inquisitive, then into those who trust you. Establish your goal before you write – keep it precise and to the point. Write attention-grabbing headlines. Focus on the right image, that’s the first thing readers see. Remember, readers don’t want to know how good you are. They want to know how you can help them. Don’t write for the search engine and stuff the keyword in. Rather, concentrate on the topic.

Publish content more often.

No doubt, content is the king. Quality content engages readers, but how often you are publishing is also important. If you don’t publish new content often, then your readers won’t find anything new on your site and start losing interest. If you want to increase the traffic, publish quality content more often.

It’s time to socialize.

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. Facebook alone has 1.5 billion users. If you do it right, then you can grow your customer base manifold. Supposedly, you offer online web-designing classes. How will you promote it so that people come and register at your site? Simple, advertise on facebook! Similarly, you can use Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube as well. Having an effective social media presence is inevitable for your site. Whenever you post something new, take it to social media – people should know about your site! Furthermore, staying active on social media doesn’t let people to forget you. Just make sure that the content you are writing are unique and worth sharing.

Try out Quora.

There is no harm in talking about your content, putting links to your posts or blogs in conversations, forums. Quora is one of the largest QA websites with 100 million monthly visitors.

Make the best use of email marketing.

You have no idea how useful emails could be. To start off, you need to capture the emails of the traffics coming to your site with a signup form or a lead magnet. Don’t hesitate to bribe your readers with eBooks, checklist, video courses for subscribing. If you have the emails, you can easily update them about your recent post and drive more traffic to your site. Try MailChimp.

Earn links.

You should aim at earning quality “do follow” links from high-ranking sites and blogs belonging to your niche. Create and promote content what are worth linking to. Approach other high-ranking sites for write a guest blog for them.

All the strategies explained in the blogs along with the tools not only will increase the traffic to your site but also help you convert them into sales. When you employ all these strategies together, you are sure to see the result within a few weeks.

Author: Irina is a certified specialist in advertising and public relations, journalist. For over two years she has specialized in design issues in various fields (interior design, web design, graphic design) https://ru.gravatar.com/irinablogvi Blog: http://designdroide.com

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