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Industries That Will Boom After COVID-19

Coronavirus has affected the World severely. Many businesses are declining due to the Pandemic. But the Pandemic is not all that bad as it creates opportunities for new business. Existing industries are working to fit themselves within the new reality.

Here is the list of industries that will boom or continue to boom after the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment is one of the widely used assets of the Covid-19 era.  Countries like that are dependent on imports from other countries such as China bear a noticeable shortfall in these products. In light of the destruction caused by the coronavirus, hospitals should stock protective equipment for emergencies that are likely to break out later.  Most PPE has an expiry date; thus steady supplies of new equipment are needed, implying that producers will be kept in business to fulfill the new need.  Computerized ‘smart’ PPE is also a rapidly developing business sector, as producers try to make equipment that is reusable and easy to use. For instance, smart digital security glasses are overwhelming the universe of PPE.  In addition to the fact that they protect the eyes, they can likewise supply data to the wearer while doing work. From conventional covers to cutting edge equipment, the PPE business is set to blast for quite a long time to come.

Online Meeting Platforms

The value of video conferencing has changed drastically because of the worldwide Pandemic. In 2020, there’s an immense scope of video meeting platforms to choose from depending on your needs.  This is prodding the development of worldwide video conferencing markets. A new report said that the worldwide video conferencing industry is relied upon to communicate and do business during the Covid episode. As ventures and government associations are thinking about video conferencing as an extreme answer for interface with telecommuters, clients, and representatives, it forestalls direct contact with individuals.

As the nations are declaring a lockdown of their states and asking employees to offer work from home, the pace of video conferencing is expanding.  Various nations’ public authority has a limited exchange and travel, and are embracing video conferencing programming to draw in their customers.  Asia-Pacific is contributing a significant job in the development of the video conferencing market during this pandemic era.

Dating Apps

As Covid-19 infection rates decrease is yet to be found in most nations worldwide, individuals are isolated, and dating applications see a convergence of new customers.  The Pandemic has brought individuals not having any desire to risk disease by meeting with outsiders.  The rate of cell phone dating application users in the only US is a figure to arrive at 26.6 million this year, approx. 18.4% increase from 2019. As indicated by information organization Apptopia, the US’s best 20 dating applications have acquired 1.5 million day by day dynamic users during Covid.

As the COVID-19 outbreak prohibited nearly all face-to-face meet-ups, there is a new surge in downloads and interactions through apps like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge. The level of use for more young clients and females stayed above pre-Covid levels. Utilization among older demographics and guys, which at first declined with the beginning of the Pandemic, has recuperated and has now surpassed pre-Covid levels. The average number of Match.com supporters became 11% to 10.1 million, up from 9.1 million a year ago, as indicated by the organization’s Q2 2020 outcomes.


Cybersecurity is always a necessity, and big business, but an increasing dependency to work on the cloud and use of digital tools and meeting platforms means that our data is more susceptible to hacking.

Coronavirus has proven to be one of the biggest threats to cybersecurity, as scammers are taking advantage of the world’s uncertainty.  Spam and spoof emails have been particularly popular.  Attackers are using the names and logos of trusted companies, to get users to click on dangerous links.

The pandemic has pushed companies to move their services online, and because of the immediate need, not all necessary steps may have been taken to ensure that customer data is secure.

The growing threat posed by the COVID-19 outbreak is only going to accelerate cybersecurity threats and businesses spending more on their online safety measures.

Online Learning

Most students were sent home to finish the last academic year remotely. As they have now returned for the 20/21 academic year, many universities have seen outbreaks of COVID-19 on campus and a lot of universities have committed to online lectures for the whole year. Because of the pandemic, schools have had to position themselves for an online learning infrastructure, and are preparing for full university courses.

In addition, lockdowns prompted many to try and master a new skill which means that e-learning companies will continue to see success.

Online Fitness

The fitness industry was already booming pre-covid, however, when many gyms and fitness studios had to close their doors temporarily, those able to offer their fitness services online reaped the benefits.

YouTube and online workouts like Pelaton found themselves at the center of the fitness world during Covid, and are likely to stay as a daily workout for most of their customer base.

Many fitness fanatics returned to the gym after the first lockdowns ended, but as an increasing number of countries are entering into second lockdowns and fitness-lovers are having to workout from home all over again.

Cycling and Fitness

As people avoid public transport in many cities in order to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus, many have turned to traditional methods of getting around, like cycling. While walking is popular, the cycling industry is already benefitting from the pandemic as more people are traveling on two wheels.   The trend is set to continue after the pandemic as governments are encouraging the usage of bikes. In America, New York has closed 140 miles of streets to cars to allow for bikes and pedestrians, while Seattle has permanently shut 20 miles-worth of roads.

Diet Food

Many people stuck in lockdown have let themselves go, or put on what they can “Covid 15” lbs.  Many coming out of isolation may want to get back in shape and take up a diet.  The keto diet is one diet that is sustainable and involves cutting out sugar in one’s diet.  Keto includes low carbohydrate consumption and supplements it with fat. This decrease in carbs places your body into a metabolic state called ketosis. At the point when this occurs, your body turns out to be fantastically proficient at consuming fat for energy. It transforms fat into ketones in the liver, which can flexibly provide energy to the body.

Video Games and Children’s Toys

Baby toys are set to see development in the years following the Covid Pandemic as well, with the market expected to grow by 4% consistently somewhere in the range of 2019 and 2025. Indeed, the worldwide business is the gauge to develop by $30 billion (£22.7bn) somewhere in the field of 2020 and 202.  Parents and guardians having searched out non-computerized and more conventional interruptions to restrict their kid’s screen time.

Overall, the future of the video games industry is strong and predicted to continue to grow from its current market size of $167.5 billion to $291.16 billion by 2027.

Video Streaming

Netflix has come a long way since its beginnings and over 20 years later, it is the best-known film streaming service in the world with 70 million subscribers.  The closure of cinemas across the globe meant it added many subscribers as people stayed home.  Netflix has gained a lot of fans.

Disney+ is the latest entertainment streaming service, and the pandemic has given it a massive boost. The platform now has more than 50 million subscribers.  Amazon has also seen its streaming service benefit from the pandemic.  Analysts predict that on-demand services will increase by 81% over the next five years to reach 1.16 billion subscriptions worldwide.

Food Delivery

During Pandemic, many restaurants are closed for dining but take out, and home delivery is available.  Many restaurants scrambled to facilitate takeaway orders so they could continue operating after closing their doors during lockdown.  Delivery businesses such as Uber Eats saw a surge of business.

Major Supermarkets

In this Pandemic, people started ordering groceries online from well-known supermarkets. The business of significant supermarkets will be continuously increasing even after the Covid-19.

Covid bolstered business for supermarkets and it continues to thrive during the pandemic.

Keeping American homes well-stocked throughout the crisis has kept groceries busy and products on the shelves constantly moving.

Online Shopping

Online shopping during the Pandemic has added even more wealth for the CEO of Amazon “Jeff Bezos.” In the covid era, Jeff Bezos’ wealth increases by more than $70 billion at the start of the year. The estimated % of online shopping is 16.1%, which will increase by 22% at the beginning of 2023.

As most people were stuck at home, online orders were the only way to shop for non-essential items, and shares of the global marketplace have gone through the roof.

Legal Services

As couples start spending a lot of time with each other during the covid-19 period, their patience wears thin, and the divorce rate increases. So indirectly, the demands on lawyer services have been increasing in this Pandemic.

When China started to move out of lockdown, divorce rates in the country doubled as a result of couples being cooped up together, and in the US divorce rates jumped 34%.

Big Pharma

Billions of dollars are being pumped into the pharmaceutical industry as companies race to find a vaccine against COVID-19.

The drug discovery market continues to climb in value, and it is projected that it will have a value of $71 billion by 2025.

The importance of continuing infectious disease prevention and treatment research even once a coronavirus vaccine has been found is huge, so that the world can be prepared for any future pandemics.

Cleaning Products

Supermarket shelves were cleared of antibacterial hand gels and soaps as soon as it became apparent that an infectious disease was spreading.

Good hygiene practices have become part of our day-to-day routine that going back seems impossible.  Previous pandemics and epidemics have changed how people behave along with their hygiene practices.  Following this pandemic, we are likely to see a lot more germaphobes.


Hospital emergency departments across the world saw a surge of patients coming in for emergency medical attention.

Systems such as Teladoc Health in the US are seeing users move to their platforms as the pandemic discourages people from leaving the house.  This is likely to become a global trend, and the telemedicine sector is set to grow to $16.7 billion by 2025.

Travel and Experiences

The first thing you’ll do once everything’s back to normal is likely travel, attend an event, have a mini vacay, or at least travel to more local destinations.  Local attractions will gain popularity as people are more likely to stay closer to home and take trips to zoos and theme parks.

Green Technology

The lockdown has reflected the toll that human society brings on the environment.  As the travel industry was forced to a standstill as a result of the pandemic, oil prices plummeted as a result.  The pandemic has merely boosted the green argument as satellite imagery from the European Space Agency showed a dramatic decrease in the amount of air pollution across the world in the spring when many were in lockdown, compared to the same time last year.

More and more people are interested in products that are better for the environment, and this trend is only likely to continue as lockdown has shown us how quickly air pollution can be cleaned up when fewer people are on the roads.

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  1. The easy winners must be cleaning supplies, online shopping, and online food delivery services such as DoorDash, Postmates, etc.

    However, we have seen a huge boom in the Solar industry. Lots more people are recognizing the pros of going Solar which includes lower electricity bills, staying powered during power outages, and net metering.

    Especially in California, we have seen a huge increase in Solar and we will most likely see a huge increase in Texas as most people realize the emergency value of Solar Panels + Battery Storage.

  2. very clear and interesting.

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