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Influencer Marketing VS Brand Ambassador & How to Choose

If you’re new to influencer advertising, you might have come across the term “brand ambassador” and assumed it was simply another way of saying influencer. Relax, we’ve all been there.

While brand ambassadors and influencers share certain features, they also differ significantly in some important ways. What distinguishes an ambassador from an influencer, then? How can you determine which is best for your brand? Let’s explore these answers together.

Who is an Influencer?

An influencer promotes your business and has a strong reputation and frequently a sizable blog or social media following. They influence through example instead of spreading your business through word of mouth. Influencers authentically demonstrate to others how they utilize your product on their social media platforms, in their own voices.

Your relationship with influencers, unlike those with brand advocates, will probably be short-term. Typically, an influencer will only mention a product once or twice. It’s possible that an influencer has never utilized your product. Instead, you pick influencers based on their standing, loyal fan base, and capacity to connect with a niche audience.

Who is an Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is a person who a business employs to advertise its goods, services, and ultimate goal. Although an unofficial company representative, a brand ambassador extends its marketing initiatives by sharing genuine, tailored content with their network. This may be done through social media, at special events, or in person during regular contact.

Brand ambassadors stand out from other word-of-mouth advertising collaborators because they already have a love for your good or service. Typically, brand ambassadors are already well-versed in all aspects of your company and have a track record of providing passionate endorsements, first-hand user manuals, and other materials.

Differences Between Influencer Marketing VS Brand Ambassador

Influencers and brand ambassadors have many differences. Here are some of the more significant ones:

How They Market Your Business

Brand ambassadors market your business by word-of-mouth (informing people about your product), whereas influencers promote your business by example (demonstrating to others how they use your product).

Length of Relationship

Brand ambassador relationships are usually longer-term. In many agreements, brand ambassadors consent to promote a company more than once throughout a specific time. In comparison, influencers are more likely to make short-term or one-time content commitments.


Brand ambassadors frequently promote your business for free, unlike influencers who are always paid in some form (such as free products, money, or discounts).

Relationship with Your Business

Influencers might not have ever utilized your product. Brand ambassadors have actively utilized your product before.

How to Pick Someone for Your Company

Picking brand ambassadors is dependent on how much they already adore your product. You can also use a brand ambassador event staffing to find professional brand advocates for your business. On the other hand, influencers are picked depending on their capacity to connect with and influence their audience.

Similarities Between Influencer Marketing VS Brand Ambassador

Despite their numerous distinctions, influencers and brand ambassadors have the following things in common:

  • Companies hire influencers and brand ambassadors with the same purpose in mind: to promote a product to their target audiences and develop new consumers.
  • Influencers and brand ambassadors are both picked for their authority, whether in a certain profession or over a specific audience.
  • Influencers and brand ambassadors both have contractual relationships with a brand that often include developing and distributing content connected to the business or products.
  • Brand advocates and influencers assist potential clients in trusting your product and brand.

Tips to Choose Between Influencer Marketing VS Brand Ambassador

The decision between brand ambassadors and influencers boils down to what is most crucial for your company at the time. Consider what is best for your finances and advertising objectives.

Select a brand ambassador if:

  • You have a limited budget.
  • You want a passionate partner who is willing to speak your praises.
  • You want your customers to get a thorough understanding of your goods.

Select an influencer if:

  • You want to increase your visibility to new audiences.
  • You want to create shareable material, especially for social media.
  • You’re targeting a specific market.


Your company may hire influencers or brand advocates for many reasons. Influencers are picked for their strong audience reach, whereas brand ambassadors already adore your items. However, both influencers and brand ambassadors can assist your company in achieving the same fundamental goals: sharing services or products with their following from their viewpoint.

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