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A Guide To Getting More Out Of Instagram

Are you dreaming of building your Instagram profile into a massively popular platform for sharing your photos? Want to rack up more followers and Likes faster? We’ve got tons of Instagram advice that you’ll find useful, so let’s not waste any more time with introductions. On to the tips!

Pick the Perfect Time for Posting

The right time to make an Instagram post depends on two key factors: What time zone the majority of your audience is in and what times they’re most active on Instagram. Mornings and evenings are the prime Instagram hours; most users check-in at the start and / or end of their day at work or school.

Based on a statistical analysis conducted by Simply, the number one time for posting on Instagram is early Wednesday evening, ideally between 5 and 6 PM.

Brands that want maximum awareness need to target these “primetime” hours because Instagram photos have a limited shelf life. Within four hours, other fresh posts will have driven their pictures far down their followers’ feeds.

If you are reposting, you can use an instagram video downloader or app to reuse footage. Be sure to give credit to the authors.

Schedule Posts

Don’t feel that you need to restrict all of your Instagram activity to a single frantic session every day. A steady drip of photos timed to land in followers’ feeds just when they’re checking their latest pictures can be highly advantageous. High school students, for instance, tend to check in on Instagram during their lunch break. If your target audience is made up of commuters in a city with ample public transit (e.g. New York or London), time your photos to catch followers during rush hour when plenty of bored folks will be looking for a little visual diversion.

Use the Right Tags

Different hashtags resonate with different audiences, so spend some time researching the tags that carry the most weight with your target market. Google is the perfect research tool for this task! A few searches will make it easy for you to see which hashtags attract the most attention on Instagram. A selection of generally high-profile tags includes #instadaily, #instagood, #photooftheday, and #tbt (throwback Thursday).

Keep your hashtags relevant and brief. You don’t have to spend too much time on Instagram to run into that user (or company) who is going crazy with their tags. When a photo lands in my feed with a five-line block of hashtags underneath it I call it a hashtag paragraph. Limit yourself to just a handful (less than five) tags that are all relevant to your picture.

Be Interactive

Foster interactivity with your photo captions through using Vibbi and your own ingenuity. The captions you attach to your photos can do more than just describe your pictures. Why not ask your followers some questions? Besides zeroing in on your audience’s tastes, gathering feedback this way can get you more likes on future photos.

Make Use of Contests

Contests are a useful way to attract more attention (and more followers!) on most social platforms, and Instagram is no exception. It’s especially easy to set up a basic “pick the best photo” competition that will bring in a lot of new followers. If you’d like to study the subject of Instagram contests in more depth, check out our article on the subject here.

Use Instagram to give your followers sneak peeks of what your company will be doing in the future. “Teaser” photos can attract a lot of interest from new users and especially intriguing ones will bring in a lot of likes.

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