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Install Software without Jailbreaking

Jailbreaking is the act of changing iPhone (or iPad) software to remove the restrictions and limitations imposed by Apple.  The limitation is that software can only be installed from the Apple Store.  But what if you want to go around the Apple Store, or what if you want to install software without voiding iOS security and stability?

Cons of Jailbreaking

While we know thank jailbreaking can get us around Apple limitations, there are cons you need to be aware of.  Apple is firmly opposed to jailbreaking and frequently updates the iOS software to remove any jailbreak software from the iPhone.  It is constantly updating iOS to prevent jailbreaking techniques from working.

Part of this is to protect Apple’s commercial interests.  They runs the software store to keep patrons using the store.  Developers spend a lot of time and money making software and want to get paid, and so does Apple.

There are concerns however to jailbreaking.   Apple wants their iPhone system to remain secure, and jailbreaking can threaten that.

Apple identifies these concerns to the following.  By jailbreaking you create some of the following vulnerabilities:

  • Security: jailbreaking removes security layers on your iPhone
  • Instability: jailbreaking causes iPhone to behave erratically
  • Shortened battery life: jailbreaking apps and services may not run correctly which can drain your battery
  • Unreliability with voice and data
  • Disruption of services: Services such as Visual Voicemail, Weather, Stocks, iCloud, Exchange and Apple Push notification all suffer (according to Apple) on jailbroken devices
  • Inability to update. Because Apple frequently removes jailbroken software in its updates, many jailbroken phones do not update. This can result it you running an out-of-date phone.

Tutu App

As Apple and Android updates software often, this information is subject to change. We do not promote hacking but rather spread information for security and developer knowledge.  Proceed with caution.

One solution around jailbreaking is the Tutu App. Tutu App also has a version that works on Android.  Tutu App provides countless apps without having to jailbreak or log your Apple ID.

TuTu App has emerged as an alternative app store on both Android and iOS. It offers almost any premium app without any need to spend money.  The app is from China, however an English version of the app is available.

How do you install Tutu

TuTu App is available both on Android and iOS.  You can download the install files from the respective websites below:


  • Launch Safari browser on your iPhone. Note that the steps may not work on any other browser.
  • Visit TuTuapp.com
  • Downlaod and install the application


  • Set Unknown Sources option under Security settings. The exact location of the option may depend upon your software version.
  • Download the TuTu App apk from the link .
  • Install the apk file downloaded above

Best Hacks on Tutu

TuTu App is popular with Pokemon players.  It is the first and perhaps the only app store that has a modded ( or hacked) PokeMonGo game. You will not need to move around with the hacked version of the PokeMonGo game and play it sitting in the comforts of your home.

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