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iPad – Watch in 3D without Glasses

We’ve come a long way from vintage video games.   3D innovation is becoming more and more popular in many of todays TV’s, hand held devices, video games, media players, etc.  The GRilli is an overlay film place on your iPad/iPhone screen, which, when combined with the CineXPlayer Player, turns any movie into 3D!


GRillis operate by interposing a series of ‘Barrier Lines’ between the eyes and the image, such that they block the view of each eye differently. The single most important thing about installing GRillis, is getting the barrier lines parallel to the vertical columns of pixels on the imaging device. GRillis that are made for mobile devices use a safe adhesive, that will not harm the screens to which they are attached, is easily removed, and can even be washed, gently, in cold water. They ‘wet’ onto the screen, giving the appearance of a layer of water spreading across the glass as they adhere.

3D Stereo GRilli Viewing

Historical Methods
Since the early fifties, many methods have been implemented to provide full, bi-ocular signals to audiences, Anaglyph glasses for instance, the old Red and Blue. Over that time, methods have improved, and todays theatrical experience is far superior, but still depends upon special glasses that separate the signal. For home viewing, things have been more complicated, and the recent solution has been to implement shutter glasses. And, although the glasses are quite effective, they are still cumbersome, need frequent battery changes, require special signal processing, and depend upon very high frame rates to use effectively.

The Paradigm Shift
Two alternative methods are being employed to eliminate glasses, and reduce frame rate requirements. These are Lenticular and Parallax. They both provide, within certain limits, glasses free viewing and strong signal separation. They both require identical signals, referred to as ‘Column Interlaced.’ Column interlacing presents the signal as alternating vertical lines, starting with a Left Eye line. Column interlacing does not introduce color changes, and does not require higher frame rates. In fact, it works perfectly well with still frames.

Lenticular and Parallax
Lenticular presentation is well established within the printing industry, but is not well suited to LCD displays, especially as an aftermarket upgrade. Parallax is far better suited for illuminated displays, yet has difficulty providing adequate signal separation at the close intervals used with mobile devices, and, as well, with the longer distances, and greater sizes demanded by wide screen television. GRilli3D’s ‘Corrected and Convergent’ barrier system overcomes these and other issues, to provide an easy to install and use, inexpensive to obtain, solution.

Signal Separation
GRilli’s achieve virtually 100% signal separation in areas we refer to as ‘pools.’ As shown in the View ‘Pool’ Illustration, these pools extend from a short distance beyond the screen, in radial rays around the screen, for a considerable distance outwards. All of these pools provide good signal separation and, taken together, provide a wide array of comfortable viewing positions

Eye Separation
The eye separation distance of each person is as unique as they are. Because of these individual variations, each person will find their comfortable viewing distance and position to be different. Experiment with a range of distances from fairly close to arms distance to find yours. Keep in mind, that when you move from side to side, or swivel the screen, that you will go in and out of the pools. Stereoscopic effect is also dependent upon both eyes being similar. If there is too much disparity between your eyes, in focus or perception, you may not be able to obtain the effect.

Landscape Mode
To provide the best effect, GRilli’s are designed to be used in Landscape mode. As content on the iPad is automatically scaled to fit the orientation of the screen, and scaling will interfere with the interlaced signal, we advise locking the iPad to Landscape mode while viewing 3D Stereo content.

Visit GRilli Website

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