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Is a Fuelman Fleet Card Right for Your Business

Ever heard of a Fuelman Fleet card? If the answer is no, you will definitely want to stick around and learn about this fuel and maintenance payment card of the future. If the answer is yes, you should still stick around and find out what a Fleet card has to offer you and why it is or is not right for your business.

Here you will find all of the details of what you can do with a Fuelman Fleet card and when it is ideal to have one. You will also find a detailed list of all of the different card options that Fuelman has to offer. This is your one-stop-shop for information about Fuelman Fleet cards.

To truly understand all of the best and worst things about using a Fleet card, you need to fully understand what it is and what is does. This card is meant to be used by businesses to purchase fuel and pay for vehicle maintenance. There are several different options to choose from when applying for a card and some are somewhat customizable. With this card you can easily keep track of purchases and spending as well as have the convenience of being accepted at locations nationwide.

Each type of Fleet card has very specific purposes and features. Here is a list of all Fleet cards that are currently available and their assets and features.

Fuelman Commercial Advantage Fleet Card

This version of the Fleet card offers a ten cent per gallon discount on every gallon of both diesel and unleaded fuels. With this card you can keep track of expenses, learn about the fuel efficiency of each vehicle, and track how often each driver is fueling up or having maintenance done. This also allows for you to know about unauthorized purchases and stop them in their tracks. You will also have access to an online account dashboard to aid in your efforts to keep track of everything.

Fuelman Diesel Platinum Fleet Card

This card differs from the last in that it is geared primarily to diesel fuel fleets. This card provides an eight cent discount on every gallon of diesel fuel purchased with the card. You will also be able to control what each card can be used to purchase as well as when and where it can be used. In addition, you will be able to set limits for each card as to which days it can be used, what times during the day, and how much can be charged at any given time. You can receive real time alerts for every spending exception.

Fuelman Diesel Advantage Fleet Card

Like the last card, this one caters to diesel only fleets. This particular card will save you fifteen cents on every gallon of diesel fuel purchased. This card has all of the same perks as the last one. It allows you to set limits for every card on where, when, and how that card is used. This one has the realtime alert feature as well.

Fuelman Advantage Fleet Card

The discount for this card is lower than any of the other cards coming in at only five cents per gallon. Although, you can use the discount on both unleaded and diesel fuel. This discount differs from other cards in another way as well. Instead of being a straight up discount, this is a “volume rebate”. What this means is that your savings are based on how much fuel you purchase with your cards. Zero to three hundred monthly gallons earns you a one cent rebate per gallon. Three hundred and one gallons to six hundred gallons earns two cents per gallon. Six hundred and one to twelve hundred gallons earns three cents. Twelve hundred and one to three thousand gallons earn four cents. Finaly. three thousand and one to fourteen hundred gallons earns five cents.

Fuelman Advantage Platinum Mastercard

This card’s savings is also a volume based rebate system. You can earn up to three cents per gallon based on volume and then you have the potential to earn an additional two to three cents per gallon. To earn the additional savings, you will need to purchase the fuel from one of the twenty-one thousand nationwide sites that are within the retail savings network.

Fuelman Public Sector Fleet Card

This is the final Fuelman Fleet card option. This one is dedicated to government and public sector fleets. You can earn up to five cents per gallon with volume rebates and this is the perfect card for any tax-exempt organizations. You have all of the same customization tools as on previous cards as well as real-time alerts and and the ability to lock or unlock any card with just a few clicks.

There are some benefits that come with all Fuelman Fleet cards. Some of those benefits include 24/7 customer service availability, electronic billing options, detailed activity reports, and savings possibilities. They have twenty thousand maintenance centers and fifty thousand fueling centers nationwide. Because of this, no matter where your fleet is located or where they have to travel, there will be a center near you.  You will also have the ability completely control each and every card, you can eliminate all unauthorized purchases, and you can apply for a card in less than five minutes. The process is incredibly fast and easy, all you have have to do is go to their website, click apply, and answer a few simple questions.

Fleet cards are a great way for your business to save money and keep track of all vehicle fuel and maintenance spending. There are so many options that there is a perfect card for every occasion. You now have a detailed list of each type of Fleet card so you can determine which card is the best option for you and your business. If you still have questions or concerns about starting a Fuelman Fleet account, head over to their website and spend some time perusing the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. There is a ton of great information and you will find the answers to all of your questions.

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