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Is Cisco 300-135 TSHOOT Test Still Worth Your Attention? How Can Exam Dumps Help You Stay Afloat?

The Cisco 300-135 exam is designed to evaluate the skills and knowledge of the candidates who want to earn the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) Routing and Switching credential. This certification is among the most popular and sought-after ones offered by Cisco. The specialists with this certificate have a wide range of career opportunities. In this article, we’ll explore the key details of this test and the skills that are inherent in the exam content.

Before going ahead with this, it is crucial to mention that the Cisco 300-135 exam has been retired on February 24, 2020, along with many other Cisco certification tests. This means that from this date the exam will no longer be available to the students. You don’t have to despair though; there are new tests and credentials that have been introduced by Cisco to fill the vacuum that CCNP Routing & Switching has left behind. Although the exam has been retired, its content may be relevant to the newly introduced tests, especially the areas of preparation that are highlighted below. So, even if you can’t take this exam again, you can still learn one or two things that will help you prepare effectively for any certification test that you plan to pass.

Exam Details

Cisco 300-135, Troubleshooting, and Maintaining Cisco IP Network, is designed to validate one’s advanced skills and knowledge of the routing and switching domain. The exam consists of 15-25 questions and the time allocated to it is 120 minutes. The passing score varies from 750-850 on a scale of 1000. Cisco recommends that the candidates for the test register and schedule their exam with Pearson VUE. To register for Cisco 300-135, the students are required to pay the fee of $135 Visit The Web Site Here. There are various resources that are available for exam preparation. Before exploring these study tips, it’s important to understand the objectives that will be evaluated in the certification test.

Exam Topics

The scope of this certification exam is wide but the great news is that there are numerous study materials that have been developed to help the applicants excel in theirCisco 300-135 test. The whole scope of the exam content has been grouped under six topics. These are listed below:

  • Network Principles: (5%)
  • VPN Technologies: (5%)
  • Infrastructure Services: (5%)
  • Infrastructure Security: (5%)
  • Layer 2 Technologies: (40%)
  • Layer 3 Technologies: (40%)

The full details of the subtopics can be found on the exam page. It’s very crucial that the learners pay attention to the attending percentage for each topic as it reflects the volume of its contribution to the total exam questions. The objectives with a higher percentage will likely have more questions than those areas that come with a low one. By paying attention to the percentage, the test takers can know what to focus on in preparation for the exam.

Preparation Tips

The cert bolt Cisco 300-135 certification exam is designed to equip the individuals with the relevant skills for planning and maintaining multifaceted enterprise routed and switched networks. It also seeks to validate their expertise in using technological techniques and systematic ITIL compliant methods to carry out network troubleshooting. To develop these skills, the students are required to develop advanced competence in the areas of the exam domain. Here, we’ll look at some effective study tips that the candidates can use to prepare for the 300-135 test. The hints highlighted below can be used to prepare for practically any certification exam. Let’s get right into it.

Study the exam topics

This is the first thing you have to do for any test you want to write. There is no way you can have an effective study without first understanding what the exam topics are all about. Take time to go through these objectives and study them in detail. As you study the details, you’ll identify the areas that you know good as well as your knowledge gaps. Identify these weak areas and consider how to cover them before your certification test. By going through the topics, you will also be able to choose the right materials for your study.

Develop a robust strategy for your revision

How do you want to organize your study and revision? How much time can you devote to daily training? You have to be deliberate in coming up with your study plan. Trying to explore all the exam topics at the same time won’t be great for effective preparation. You have to outline how you want to study each objective. If all you can dedicate to the daily preparation process is one hour, then make sure you use this hour judiciously for your study. Don’t be distracted by social media while preparing for your test, so you might want to log out of your social media account while preparing for the exam so you can focus. The best way to put a study strategy together is to have a goal in mind. Be specific about how much you want to cover per day and how long you plan to study before you take the test. This will help you focus and be more committed to your preparation.

Use the appropriate study materials

Using relevant and up-to-date study materials are very crucial to the effectiveness of your preparation and your performance in the actual exam. If you don’t use the appropriate resources, your success in the test cannot be guaranteed. There are many training platforms online to help you develop skills in the exam content, and Examsnap is one such website. It offers a wide range of preparation tools, including video tutorials, study guides, and exam dumps. You can explore the site to learn more about all the study materials that you can use.


Above all, don’t overlook the place of practice tests in the preparation process. The more mock tests you take – the more skills you develop. It is very critical that you take the full-length practice questions in real testing condition before you sit for your actual exam. Examsnap comes in handy when it comes to resources for any Cisco certification test.

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