Is Smart Lighting Worth It?

Should you invest in smart lights? The answer lies in the definition of a viable investment. To be a good investment, smart lighting technology should be scalable, future-oriented, and, where possible, enable you to realize a return on your investment faster.

Basing on the 3 determinants, the simplest and straight forward answer to whether smart lighting is worth the investment is, yes. To elaborate on this point, this article focuses on the role of smart lighting in easing your daily life.

Additionally, the content takes a deep dive into the future with smart lighting.

First, the lights improve your efficiency and security. As an investment of the 21st century, the lighting integrates with IoT, gives you a glimpse of future farming, helps you save as well as improves your health standards.

Read on to find out how these traits make smart lighting worth the investment.

Smart Lighting Gives You Security

A typical smart lighting system enables you to set custom lighting rules. You can program the lights to automatically shut down or turn on at specific times.

You can customize the brightness and color of the lights. The more exciting part is that you can use your voice to control the lighting system

Additionally, you can control your property’s lighting from a remote location. This is possible when you integrate the lights with IoT.

Lighting Plays a Major Role in IoT

Simply put, IoT (internet of things) is the ability of devices, known as things, to automatically communicate over a network.

The devices need a Wi-Fi connection and electricity to join the IoT platform. Through IP address, they send and receive sensors from other devices in the network.

Assume you want to control the lighting system of your property from a network. For ease of control, you add thermostats, electric alarms, doorbells, and smart speakers to the network.

You can set all the devices to go off once the smart lights go off. The smart lights rely on the information from other devices in the IoT platform since they can communicate with each other.

Since IoT is a growing and technology of the future, you are right to rethink investing in smart lighting.

This internetworking comes with an ocean of benefits such as enabling you to:

Save Energy

The race towards sustainable and clean energy is one that is projected to end in a trillion-dollar industry. Before energy becomes cheaper, you may be forced to conserve it.

Buying energy-efficient devices, such as LED smart lights, should be a good investment. The lights use 75% less energy than traditional bulbs.

They are friendly to the environment since they don’t heat up or emit mercury or lead into the atmosphere. Apart from enabling you to save on energy costs, the bulbs last for 7+ years.

Improve Your Health

Apart from being friendly to the environment, the lights purify the air. You can kill atmospheric pathogens.

They kill a variety of pathogens such as E. Coli, Pseudomonas, and MRSA. More importantly, you can use the LED lights in treating water in a disinfectant firm.

Produce Food

Since more than 80% of the world’s population is projected to live in urban areas by 2050, there’s a need to get sustainable investment. An indisputable solution is undertaking vertical farming.

As an investment, the LED grow lights speed up the growth of crops in vertical farming. Since the process is automated and highly controllable, you can determine inputs (expenses) and output (profit) beforehand.

The result? You can realize your return on investment faster.

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to save on energy or enjoy efficiency and security in lighting systems, smart lighting is worth it. The lighting system is scalable, dependable, and future-oriented.

The all-in-one lighting enables you to have a taste of technologies of the 21sts such as IoT and vertical farming. It is your turn to go and invest in smart lighting.

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