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Is Tinder Effective for you in your Area?

Have you ever wondered how effective online dating would be for you? Are you looking to date in your local area, or looking for someone long distance? Here’s a nifty site to gather data about the Tinder world around you.

Tinder is a location-based social search service application (using Facebook) that facilitates communication between mutually interested users, allowing matched users to chat. Tinder will cost you $10/month. To make it as effective as possible, you might try this Tinder Trick, or use 3rd party tools to add to your research.

Tinder Trick

On Tinder users are likely to get matches in the first 10-20 cards and instinctively pay more attention to the first few. While the algorithm is unknown and may change, there is one important rule: those who like our profiles get priority over the others.

What if you could see who liked your profile before you swipe? This trick works differently in more populated areas and recommended to use in the area you are most frequently drawn to. It also does not create matches, just singles them out for certain conditions met. And men, go easy if you are not a paying user; the limit is 120 swipes.

Clear the Field
Clear the first mile by disliking/liking everyone there. Set your max distance to one mile and swipe until you see the “no one around you” message

Waiting Game
While waiting, kill the app and restart a few times. Once the area is clear, just wait. It can take a few minutes to days, depending on your sex.

Next time you start, Tinder will possibly find someone for you. Check the distance. If greater than a mile, that person liked you. Right swipe for a sure match.

When you see someone out of your mile range stack, they are possible matches. The lower the mile range when you check, the easier it is to single out people who liked you.

Source: Wheretoswipe.com

3rd Party Tinder Statistics

Wheretoswipe.com shares informative statistics on the Tinder world to help you make better informed decisions based on statistics. Popular areas information provided includes cities around the United States, Europe, UK, and more. Not only will get you get informative statistics, but tips to supercharge your profile and appeal to the opposite, or same sex.

The concept is this; Wheretoswipe.com gathers information on interests for various cities around the world.  Users can take this data to get closer to the matches they are looking for.

Tinder Statistics
Tinder Statistics

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