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Key Power Tips On How To Market Your Business Better

You’ve been running your own business for months now. You started slow but gradually picked up the pace and became one of the most competitive companies in your locality. However, you’ve noticed that your customer base and the number of sales aren’t increasing.  Both your customers and earnings are at a consistent rate.

Although earning is good, you think that these numbers aren’t enough for your business to succeed over time. With the presence of competitors popping up in the market, you know your business should step up – and this is when marketing can play a significant role.

The heart of your business success lies in your marketing efforts. If you market your products and services effectively, expect that you’ll gain loyal customers. To ensure that you’ll become a successful entrepreneur, consider these power tips to market your business better:

Craft a sales pitch

Your marketing shouldn’t only happen when you’re in the four walls of your office. As a business owner, you should be marketing all the time. This is the reason why you need an appealing sales pitch.

Studies show that adults only have an attention span of six to eight seconds. If you successfully grabbed their attention during this timeframe, they’ll continue to show interest in whatever you’re telling them. Waste their first six to eight seconds by telling them nonsense, and they’ll surely turn down your offer.

Your sales pitch should be short but detailed. You should be able to express your business’ intent in a short amount of time – remember, you only have less than a minute to impress your potential clients!

Think about your community

Many business owners fear that marketing involves money. It will require them to pay for huge billboards and TV ads. But this isn’t always the case. If you want to market your business better, start within your community. Are there any sports events happening soon? Sponsor one! Are there any libraries nearby? Personalize bookmarks and give it out to library goers. Consider your target audience and think what certain activities interest them. All of these things are cheap yet effective marketing mediums.

Collaborate with other businesses

There are many businesses in your area that aren’t selling the same products and services like yours. Contact them and collaborate with them. This is an excellent option to show how diverse you are as a business owner while being able to market your offerings. For example, if you’re a large service-provider, you can work with other local businesses to offer discounts for your staff. A 15% discount on a local restaurant can be a good start. Your business and the one you’re collaborating with can benefit from this – you’ll be able to attract more applicants to work for you (because nobody can turn down discounts, right?) and the other business can market their products and services as well.

Build a network

There are many organizations around the world which groups businesses in the same niche. Determine what’s yours is and sign up for it. Whenever there are conferences or annual meetings, make sure to join. This will be a great avenue for you to know more players in the market and build a network with them. Talk to them so your professional knowledge can expand. The business owners in this organization might have been operating for years, and their experience can significantly help you in running your own.

Give a speech

You have your own business, and you’ve been managing it on your own. The things you do (and continually learn) in the business arena are considered as a goldmine of information for many business organizations, schools, and other public institutions. This is why when you’re asked to give a talk or a speech in front of a crowd, accept the invitation. Your professional experiences can help many people who are still starting with their own businesses. At the same time, this can serve as your avenue to talk about your business and entice more people to work with you. This is basically a win-win for everyone!

Create relationships

Regardless of how innovative you think your business is, chances are, there’s another business which offers the same products and services as yours. If you want your business to stand out from the rest, invest in customer service. Everyone in your business should learn how to handle customers with care. Your staff should treat customers as friends and not just someone who can give money to the business. The goal of your business shouldn’t be about gaining one-time purchasers but loyal customers.

Patience And Resourcefulness Are Key

Successful business owners don’t happen overnight; it requires time, effort and dedication. And most of the time, the road to success isn’t always a straight line, there’ll always be a few bumps and turns along the way. Aside from improving your marketing efforts, you can also work with professionals like Studio 56 to help you. They can provide solutions so your business can continually progress and become successful.

Tristan Gray

Tristan is a digital marketing specialist and the founder of Studio 56. With years of experience in the digital marketing field and business world, Tristan prides himself on delivering high quality marketing services to clients in the Allied Health sector. S56 specialises in partnering with Allied Health practices to boost their overall ROI. He has a loving family and enjoys traveling in his free time.

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