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Key Tips On What To Do If You Drop Your Device In Water

Accident or not, your valued mobile device falling into water or soaked in water can be very depressing to anyone. Some just lay shell-shocked while others will just sit there and cry out of depression. Well, you can’t really blame them for doing that because everyone knows that electronic devices and water don’t come out good when mixed together.

Fortunately though, there’s still a way to revive your mobile device even if it fell into deep water. You just need to do it very quickly and correctly so that your phone will be completely fine once you’re done. So here are some key tips for reviving your mobile device once it gets wet.

Take the phone out of the water as fast as you can and shut it off

Grab your phone out of the water quickly and turn it off right away to prevent short circuit. If your phone has been in the water for only a couple of seconds, there’s a good chance that there’s no damage being done to the inside of your phone.

The longer your phone is immersed or soaked in water, the more water can seep in into your phone’s internals and damage its components.

Don’t panic and calmly pick up your phone out of the water, shut it off, and then proceed on to the next step.

Remove the accessories, SIM cards, memory cards and the battery if possible

The next thing to do is to remove all the removable objects from your phone like casing, SIM cards, memory cards, earphones, screen protector, and if possible, the battery. Set these things aside so you can dry them too one by one.

Dry the device

Once all removable objects are removed, try gently shaking the device to shake out the water that has seeped in into your phone’s body. After that, use a dry cloth to wipe your entire phone including the casing, SIM cards, memory cards, earphones, screen protector, and the battery.

If it’s hot outside, try putting your phone under direct sunlight to get rid of any moisture in small parts of your phone. This method can sometimes be good enough especially if the phone is soaked in water for only a couple of seconds.

You can also try putting your device inside a small container filled with white rice, enough to submerge it completely. White rice is known to be extremely good at absorbing moisture. You can leave your phone submerge in white rice for 12-24 hours.

If you have a vacuum cleaner at your home, you can use it to suck out all the water that has seeped in into your phone. It’ll help suck all the moisture from the ports of your phone.

There are other methods of drying your mobile device immediately but nothing beats using a vacuum cleaner and white rice. Not to mention, that both of them can be easily found in your home especially, the white rice.

Just don’t use hair-dryers, ovens, toasters, and microwaves though. You want to dry the components of your phone not burn them!

Try it out

If you think your phone is dry enough, try giving it a shot. But if you can still see any proof of moisture inside your phone like a fog on the screen, submerge it again in white rice or vacuum it again.

Once all moisture is gone, try putting the battery back to turn it on. If it turns on, it means everything is okay. With luck, your phone should be ready again for use. You can then proceed to putting back the accessories, your SIM cards and your memory card into place.

If it doesn’t turn on, it maybe because the battery is dead. What you have to do this time is to try charging it, but make sure it’s fully dry first. If the phone is not charging, you may have a dead battery which means you need to get a new one for it.

Don’t buy a new battery though, just bring your device to an authorized repair center like BuzzTech and tell them what happened to your phone. They should be able to figure out the damage on your phone and possibly, repair it for you. Also, don’t ever try to disassemble your phone because doing so will put yourself at risk from any harmful components that are inside your phone. It’s best if you leave it to a professional to open up your phone and dry the moisture inside.


So that’s pretty much it. Just be very careful though that you’ll avoid dropping your mobile device into water again. It’s even better if you just get a phone with a good water resistance rating. So, you won’t have to worry about your phone getting wet. Just keep in mind though that these phones are not completely water resistant. They do resist water but up to a certain level only and for a limited time. Have you got your phone device wet recently?

Rhett McGuinness

Rhett is the owner of BuzzTech. A leading specialist of phone and tablet repairs in Victoria. With 3 stores and more on the way, the team at Buzztech offers on the spot repairs in 5-15 minutes. With their HQ in Geelong Victoria, Rhett is opening more stores all around Regional Victoria and is dedicated to delivering the best repair service in his industry.

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