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Know Why My Cable Internet Is Better Than Yours.

In the starting days of the Internet, the cable Internet Providers supported the speed of broadband network as low as 0.5 Mbps. The Internet speed ever since, has gotten quite better on the factor of 100 along with vast improvement in area of network technology.

Cable remains as one of the most famous kinds of high-speed internet in countries like US, Canada, and the UK, etc. The speed of Cable Internet connection varies from 10Mbps to 100Mbps. The rate of data, however, varies from provider to provider.

Aspects that lead to decelerating Internet speed:

Following are the reasons between slow cable Internet speeds:

  • Cable speed can vary depending upon the usage of neighboring Internet connection. This difference in speed happens because Providers connect single cable line to many households. If several homes in your neighborhood access the internet cable internet connections simultaneously, you will find a rapid decrease in the speed of the internet connection at that time.
  • Malfunctioning and misconfiguration of the router can be the cause of slow internet connection. Factors like overloading, overheating and defection can also cause lowering of speed.
  • Slow connection with the router: Some Wi-Fi is made to work under 10Mbps of speed. So even if the internet pipe and cable modem is fast enough, the speed of the internet with the device will be limited with slow Wi-Fi links.
  • Bandwidth caps are strong reasons behind slow internet connection. For example, if a customer exceeds its monthly allowance of bandwidth, they might get restricted download speed from maximum to much lower value.
  • The glitch in the service can also lead to slow internet rate. Sometimes, the provider is facing some technical issue that causes a drastic fall in Internet speed.
  • Occasionally old devices can’t keep up the pace with speed of an Internet connection and apps running at the back also consume a lot of data that cause reduced speed.

High-speed cable internet

Although, all the My Cable Internet providers claim to provide a blazing high speed, it is indeed not true in case of each Internet Provider. Users can enjoy around 1Gbps Internet speed by a few Providers. In this article, you will learn about Cable internet service that comes with the rate that Providers advertised.

Charter Spectrum cable Internet

Charter claims to provide very high-speed internet that is better than the Internet connection by other Providers. Here are some noteworthy facts regarding Spectrum Internet connection:

No data caps

Spectrum internet comes with no data caps which mean that there is no data usage limit. Other providers minimize the downloading speed if the user exceeds the data limit whereas when it comes to Spectrum, you can download as much as you want without paying extra.

Free Wi-Fi Modem

Spectrum gives you free Wi-Fi modem upon each Package subscription. You can also configure the Spectrum Internet setting on other compatible routers if you don’t own the modem given by Spectrum. However, keep in mind not all modems are compatible.

No contract

Spectrum believes on no contract policy with the customers. So, if you are stuck in the previous deals by your old Internet Provider and don’t want to give the early termination fee, then switch to Charter Spectrum as it can buy out your old agreements for up to $500.

Highly-Reliable Performance

Federal Communications Commission is known to track the performance and reliability of the internet connection of different providers. As per their published report, almost 90% of the time Spectrum is giving its customers more than 95% of its advertised speed.

Internet Speed Increment

At the end of 2018, Spectrum is going to increase the Downloading Internet Speed from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. The uploading Speed is also going to increase from 10Mbps to 35Mbps. The price, however, remains the same for the old users.


Users can also bundle their Internet service with other services of Spectrum which are for phone and Cable TV in a very budget friendly plan. As mentioned above, users are not required to pay a contract fee instead each package comes with a monthly subscription for 12 Months.

Wide Coverage

Spectrum Internet connection is accessible in 41 states of the US which makes it one of the most highly available Internet service provider in the Country. The plan and speed for each city in the 41 US States remain the same thus, won’t cause any confusion in package selection.

Security suite

Spectrum Internet modem has a pre-installed Security Suite, that defend connected devices against hacking and viruses. Observe safe browsing at all times with already installed antivirus, anti-spamming and anti-hacking software in my cable internet for more: .

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  1. Thanks for the review I am already using charter spectrum cable and internet services, I am their customer and happy with their services, its the second largest cable and internet company in the U.S. Obviously they are providing awesome services that’s why they ranked on the second position. But still, I have seen people criticizing don’t know why I am okay with their services and satisfied.

  2. Does Each TV in my home require separate cable box?

  3. Amanda J, I think you can connect up to four TV sets with each cable box.

  4. I have recently relocated to a new place and looking for an internet service. What rate is Charter internet service?

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