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Latest software products that can do just about everything for your business

There’s a host of innovative software products out there on the market that promise to do wonders for your business’s success; starting from increasing the visibility of your internet properties to improving performance, the variety is endless.

When it comes to balancing potential return on investment with cost however, IT specialists have to weigh in their options with extreme caution.

Here are some of the latest software products that will help you boost the overall success rate of your company.


Klaviyo targets newsletters that are not just easy to design and appealing, but also event-driven. The email software program gets delivery analytics workflow to help ensure that customers receive the right email at the right period of time. Klaviyo makes sure that its customers receive their emails on time. The software program builds customized functionalities, and is allows users to the API feature to set off emails like order abandonment reminders, order confirmations, and more.

Leave Dates

The success of your business depends on your team. You need to ensure your business keeps running when they’re off. The Leave Dates staff leave planner helps you plan and track staff leave whilst reducing your admin costs. This is also beneficial if you have a remote office or if you have to manage your staff remotely.


Chartio is aimed at analyzing the performance level of your business’s metrics. The third-party tool allows you to access key stakeholders and answer all their BI questions, rather than deal with a tech engineer. Furthermore, the support the program prides with is top-notch, friendly and super responsive. Chartio enable users to visualize fundamental data for their business; furthermore, the software permits anyone to grab information without having knowledge of SQL or any other complex coding languages.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is meant for businesses that want to improve performance levels across their apps, offline marketing tactics and websites. The solutions offered by this software program help users convert customer insights into facts and actionable approaches for your business. Use it to boost engagement and choose smart marketing solutions for your start-up. This will help you prepare your team and data, and this will convince you to make informed decisions.


Optimizely is an easy-to-use online platform that delivers excellent customer experiences across mobile, mobile apps, desktop and web. This software program permits users to randomize objects featured on the web at record outcomes and pre defined split percentages. Optimizely comes with an easy implementation, best-in-class integration and a code-free visual editor. Furthermore, it provides optimization across mobile apps and the web, real-time generated ROI, and targeted experienced for all its customers.


Slack is an excellent communication tool for teams of all kinds. It has the ability to integrate monitoring and technology services extremely quickly. Link all your apps with Slack and have team members, administrators and team owners use it to share data, upload files, drag & drop or copy & paste files to help facilitate your business goals. Use Slack to integrate some of your most common tools, and therefore your notifications will be available in a single place. This way, you avoid the hassle of having to use more apps to keep your company’s productivity on the roll.


Kissmetrics is an online software program that sends timely interactions and key insights to transform visitors into clients. With Kissmetrics business owners can forget all about marketing blind spots. The platform tracks both group and individual behavior starting from their initial unidentified visit via conversion. The reports provided by the software program give users tools to maintain a 3600 view and fix blind spots while also strengthening the marketing impact their business has on the market. Companies need this sort of online artificial intelligence to improve their productivity level.


There are lots of software programs out there that can work miracles for your business. Whether you have experience with online advertising or you’d rather let someone else take charge of your company’s tech, the key is to opt for top quality programs and trustworthy services; this way you know for sure that you’re on the right track, and that your business in on the verge of success.

Contributed by William Taylor and Conosco.com!

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