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Learning the Basics of Digital Marketing

Every day something in life changes, every minute of every day is a new breath and a new idea. This is also true of new technologies to some extent. People are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas for new and upgraded technologies.

Included in these innovative ideas is a whole array of digital marketing methods and strategies. The advances in technology have drastically changed the way businesses market their products and services. Gone are the days of brochures, yellow page advertisements, TV commercials, and trade shows.

Today’s marketing methods are entirely online and digital because that is where the majority of people’s lives reside. From school, to work, to personal interactions, to shopping and everything in between, the internet is a huge part of life.

If you are just getting into the world of digital marketing, you will need to begin by learning the basics. If this sounds like you, you have come to the right place.

Continue reading for a crash course in the basics of digital marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

What is SEO? It is an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the best and most used digital marketing strategies. This is the process of using keywords and phrases, link backs, and content creation to rank higher in search engine results.

There is a very specific process that must be adhered to when utilizing this particular marketing method. The first step is deciding on whether you are going to take this task on alone or hire someone to handle it for you. Either choice is equaling acceptable depending on skill, time, and budget.

If you are taking it on alone the first thing you need to do is make a list of potential keywords and phrases. This is one of the biggest and most vital aspects of SEO marketing. To do this, begin with words associated with your particular business. From there, narrow down the list to the most relevant and descriptive words and phrases.

The next step is to create link backs to and from all of your social media pages as well as other related blogs and businesses.

Finally, you need to create a wealth of relevant content that includes the keyword that you chose during the first step. These keywords should also be scattered throughout your social media pages and any other content related to your business. These keywords should include links to relevant pages within your various pages.

Social Media

Social Media is an enormous part of digital marketing. After having a fantastic website, having a fabulous social media presence is the top priority for most digital marketing methods. This is where you will be able to reach a new clientele base and interact with your customers.

Also, a strong social media presence means having the perfect place to advertise new products or service, special sales, and discounts. Not to mention the potential for getting new people to sign up for email lists and notifications.

The first step to take is signing up for a business page with all of the major platforms. This includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube. Having a business blog is another very wise idea. Next, you will need to produce content for each page on a regular basis. Then, invite people to “like” or “follow” the page, post sponsored posts that will appear on the timelines of potential followers, and make sure that all of the necessary information is filled out.

Finally, continue to post regularly and keep all the content relevant and interesting. It may take some trial and error to see what your followers respond best to.


There are a great many ways that a blog can benefit your business. The first comes from blogs that are run by other businesses and bloggers. For this method, you will first need to have some ads of various types, shapes, and sizes designed that link directly to relevant pages on your website.

After this is done, reach out to bloggers and other business for the privilege of placing one of your ads on their site. This will allow for your ad to be seen by all of the traffic visiting that site. Which means that every time the ad is seen, it creates the potential for a new customer or at least a website view and possible share.

The second way a blog can be beneficial is by having and maintaining one under the business title. This provides a wonderful place for information about your business, industry-related articles, special sale information, and so much more.

Blogs are made for sharing which means that every time someone views the blog and likes what they see, they will likely share it with their friends on their personal social media pages, through email, occasionally even via text. Every time it is shared, it will be viewed by a whole new set of potential customers who will then share it with their friends and so on. This provides excellent traffic and the more traffic your sites have, the more sales you will end making.


While there are many different digital marketing techniques, these three of the most prominent. When combined, they create an unstoppable force of marketing. Consider this; for every ten times, your site is viewed you make a sale.

Every sale leads to more shares which leads to more views, which ends in more sales. Every time a post or page on one of your sites is shared, it has the potential of reaching anywhere from sixty people to thousands of people from one single share.

For every hundred people that see the shared post, forty of them view the site, which means that you just made four sales and gained more shares. The cycle continues until you have a substantial client base. As with any version of marketing, it all comes down to exposure.

The main difference between digital marketing and older methods is the location and placement of the customer engagements. Where once a customer would pull out a phone book to find a company to fit their needs, not they go online and use their favorite search engine.

Digital marketing is ever changing, but it is our present and is on the fast track to being our future.

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