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Wednesday , 18 January 2017
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Let investors INVEST in your blog

profitableblogDid you know that the concept of a virtual stock market for websites and blogs is turning heads everywhere?

RankTrader is the first company to attract investors to websites/blogs. It’s like the real stock market but without the paper work, and makes it so that the game attracts more investors towards your site.

The shares are virtual – meaning investors do not have a real share of website. As a blogger you’ll retain complete ownership of your site.

Investors can buy and sell virtual shares of your blog and earn income from the increase in success of your website.

Imagine having others buy your shares and push the value of your online properties sky high!

Important Announcement
Currently, RankTrader is offering 50 € (over 60$) worth of shares to every website listed in the RankTrader Marketplace when the beta ends.   This is actually real money when the website is out of Beta.

To Register…

1. Submit your email to request an invite


2. Use one of your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ accounts to join.

Register to sell shares in your website/blog

Good luck increasing those share prices!

P.S. Get your 50 € when the beta ends just for registering a website in the RankTrader Marketplace.
It’s a no-brainer!

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  1. This is really cool. Has anyone tried it? Is it beta right now and when do they plan to go live?

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