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List of Latest Malware Attacks in the World

Malware in different forms has caused serious data loss to users around the world in the last few decades. Here, we have listed the latest malware attacks in the world that you should be aware of.

Latest Malware Attacks in the World


Emotet is a Trojan that has attacked users around the world through spam emails or malware spam. It may infect your system via macro-enabled document files, malicious script, or malicious link. Trying to be a legitimate source, may contain familiar branding design. To trick users and persuade them to click on malicious links it uses tempting language such as “payment details”, “Your Invoice”, etc. In earlier versions, it arrived as a malicious JavaScript file. Later it evolved and started using macro-enabled documents to retrieve the virus payload from C&C servers that were controlled by attackers. It has targeted individuals, government entities, and companies across the US and Europe.

Ryuk Ransomware

Ryuk Ransomware drops the ransom note, RyukReadMe.html or RyukReadMe.text, in every folder on your system where it has encrypted files. In this ransom note, it mentions information such as how many victims need to pay to get access back to their encrypted files, certain instructions that victim needs to read and comply, email addresses where a victim can contact and a Bitcoin wallet address. It uses RSA and AES encryption and demands between 15 and 50 Bitcoin for the decryption key. It keels hundreds of services and processes on the infected system and encrypts not only local drives but also network drives. It doesn’t infect the system if the PC’s IP address or computer name is part of a blacklist.


Retadup worm was detected by Trend Micro as WORM_RETADUP.G. It is coded in AutoHotKey, an open-source scripting language that is used on Windows for creating hotkeys. The main objective of this Worm is to spread itself on an infected machine and to install additional malware payloads for further damage. Once it infects the system with a malicious payload, it works as a malware mining cryptocurrency on the malware author’s behalf. It was mostly distributed on devices in the form of cryptocurrency miners to earn passive income. When they realized, they may need to take down Retadup, they spread ransomware on hundreds of thousands of computers to earn the last penny out of this ransomware. Security firm in association with Cybercrime Fighting Center (C3N) of the French National Gendarmerie has neutralized over 850,000 unique infections of Retadup.


GandCrab has infected millions of users around the world. It has extorted over $2 billion is one of the most successful examples of ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS). They are said to be closely associated with Sondinokibi/REvil ransomware variant. During the ransomware attack, it encrypts files of infected systems and asks for a ransom to offer decryption key. It worked as an affiliate program where new members were recruited to help spread the contagion. After extorting over $2 billion in ransom the notorious ransomware affiliate program has come to an end recently. According to Russian security firm Kaspersky Lab, the time the program ceased operations, it has accounted for up to half of the global ransomware market. Which is huge!

CrySIS, aka Dharma

Crysis, aka Dharma is a family of ransomware that is evolving since 2016. It has increased significantly in 2019 and attacked hundreds of thousands of users around the world. It could be detected as Ransom. Crysis that usually targets Windows systems. It uses numerous methods of malware distribution to target businesses primarily. It is distributed through a malicious attachment in spam emails. It may attack your system disguised as an installation file for legitimate software, including antivirus vendors. It could exploit leaked or weak RDP credentials to target your system.

How to secure from the latest malware attacks?

Now that you know the most notorious malware attacks from recent times, it becomes important to keep your system security intact with best free anti malware tools. To keep your system secure from the latest malware attacks the first thing you should do is to keep system software up-to-date and use the best anti-malware software. This powerful security software helps you keep your system secure from all existing & emerging malware threats by offering up-to-date malware database security.

So, this was a quick review of the latest malware attacks that have caused serious damage to users around the world. Keep your system protected using the best antimalware software for effective results. Do share in comments how you keep your system secure from malware attacks that happen very often.

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