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Make Money Amazon Marketing Review Guide

The 21st century has made lives more comfortable for everyone. With technology, everything can be done easier with minimal effort. The tasks your parents had to do for weeks in the past, can be accomplished within hours and you don’t even have to get out of the house to do it.

Assignments from school and work, chores at home and meeting new people are now made easier – all thanks to technology. The same is also true when it comes to making money. Because of technology, you can make money even if you have other responsibilities. You can earn a lot even if you don’t put too much effort in actually doing it. It might sound too good to be true but Amazon’s affiliate program, Amazon Associates, allows you to do just that.

How Does Amazon Associates Work?

You might have heard about this income-generating avenue for the first time, but the Amazon Associates Program was established as early as 1996. It’s the first online affiliate marketing program and continues to help people earn up to this very day. In the Amazon Associates Program, you’ll have to create links to different products and advertise them online. When customers click this link and buy products from Amazon and its subsidiaries like Endless.com and SmallParts.com, you can earn referral fees. The more effective your marketing efforts are, the more income you’ll have.

So How Can You Make Money From Amazon Associates Program?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is an easy program to follow. You can earn even when you’re busy attending to your family’s needs or when you’re out on vacation. However, the challenge is actually to produce a material which will entice potential customers to do business with you. You have to stand out online so you’ll have the chance to show potential customers how great your marketed products are. This can become a challenge for some, but it’s easier when you know how.

Consider the tips below to help you out:

Prove that products work

Buying anything online is a gamble. Customers will use their hard-earned money on a product which they don’t know if it will work for them. This is the kind of mindset you want to erase when you’re promoting your products. You should prove to your customers that your products work and these are worthy of their money. For you to do that, purchase the product you’re promoting. After you’ve seen that it actually works, show off the product’s features using a camera or a screen recording software. This choice solely depends if the product is a physical or digital item. If you’re satisfied with the quality of these materials, upload them to your website or blog.

Consider e-mail marketing

As an advertiser, your goal is to have customers land on the checkout page of Amazon. This is basically how you can earn. If you’re having a hard time achieving such goal, e-mail marketing might help. And while everything is merely done through an e-mail which allows you to type limited characters, you might think that taking this road will be easy but in reality, it’s not. There are a lot of things which goes into an effective marketing strategy. You have to set up your lead generation system, nurture your lead, properly promote your products and think about e-mail funnels. If you’re willing to invest time and effort to earn, study e-mail marketing. You might be surprised how this can cause your affiliate income to skyrocket.

Add affiliate links in images

Regardless of how fun and interesting your content is, online readers would always look at the images first. These are more engaging than texts. When you’re adding the products in your content, don’t forget to add the affiliate link in the image. This will make it easier for your readers to search for the product and purchase it.

Have a solid content strategy in place

Having a blog, or a website are some of the best ways to promote your products online. This can become your avenue to convince your readers how your products can help them with their problems. But it’s not enough that you merely tell them it’s effective and helpful; you have to have the right words and approach in order to sell.

And here are some ways on how you can do it:


When you’re creating a review, you’re talking about a product in different aspects. You’ll have to discuss its pros and cons, specifications, price, warranties, etc. Reviews are basically in-depth description of the product you’re selling.


This content talks about different products in the same niche and then ranking them from the least to best. If you’re promoting pillows, for example, you can write about “Top 6 Pillows For Seniors” or “Top 10 Pillows Under $50”.


As the name suggests, you’ll have to compare products based on its price and features when you’re writing content like this. You can start by choosing three products in the same niche and talk about how these are different. End your content by giving out suggestions as to which product is the best. For a new twist, you can also choose a product which will give customers the ultimate experience and another product for affordability (if this is not the same product).

Product tutorials

This type of content works best for products which are too technical or new in the market. If you’re selling drones, you can discuss how these are operated or set-up.

Reach Out For Help

Technology has not only paved the way to improve everyone’s lifestyle but also avenues to earn money. With the Amazon Affiliates Program, you can make money regardless of your social status and educational experience. The process involved might seem overwhelming at the start, but the tips in this article can help you get through that stage. These tips can also serve as your stepping stones to earn steadily in the long run. Aside from this program, there are also other ways for you to earn online. Entrepreneur Journal Review can provide you all the information you need pertaining to online businesses.

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