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How to Manage Your Surveillance Data

Your company has finally bought video surveillance software. Now what? How do you manage your surveillance data?

The first thing is that you need to know what’s happening. The second thing you need to know is what to do about it.

Your control room probably has a lot of data feeding into it from your video surveillance software. All of your sensors and systems send in status updates, notifications, and alerts at all times. You have multiple security officers, all working together at different times. It’s overwhelming to see this data all at once for the first time.

Physical Security Information Management

Physical security information management (PSIM) solutions are good ways to deal with operational efficiency. Information analysis is necessary so you can sort through everything and determine what actually matters. If you have hundreds of cameras, this may sound impossible. You have video feeds, analytics, maps, sensor data, and system data, to name a few types of raw data that you may have in your possession. PSIM solutions manage, organize, and analyze the information produced by them. One centralized view makes it much easier to look at and process this huge amount of data.

Being able to see everything at once allows you to make sense of everything coming in. This ability of awareness gives you better opportunities to see and understand anything that happens. The more you can do this, the faster and more effectively you can respond to problems as they happen. When you respond to an issue, you need to know who to send and where to send them, as we all as what equipment they need to handle it.

Once the incident is managed and finished, you can look at the PSIM’s analysis, reports, and records. What once was raw data—video feeds and the like—becomes actionable information. You can leverage it to provide faster service, better response times and reactions, and efficiency. Having all of these things saves you time and money.

Analytical Engines

If you aren’t sure how to manage your surveillance data, a software program may be what you need. Using something like the Qognify Situator system gives you intelligent processes through an analytical engine. Situator is able help you transform your company’s operations from good to great. Information overload stops being a problem, because it manages your day-to-day security activities for you.

The Operational Intelligence Center for this program is a module that gives you additional insight about your entire organization in real time—and as time goes on. Situator not only captures a large quantity of data, but it also analyzes, measures, and monitors the data for you, providing you with insight in the OIC.

This insight can help you prepare yourself for potential problems so you can tackle them head-on. The effects will be minimized through being prepared. Situator lets you look at the big picture and the little details. You can look at data trends for your whole business, or you can look at information from a specific incident.

If you don’t know how to manage your surveillance data, there are solutions out there.

Qognify, for example, can develop an assessment that determines what you need the most, and defines all of your goals for your business and its operations, giving a personalized design for your management solutions.

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