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Managed IT Services: The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

In 2019, almost every business relies on technology to perform their day to day responsibilities. Unfortunately, technology doesn’t always cooperate.

If managing your IT in-house is too much to handle, you might need to get some extra help. When hiring full-time staff is not a realistic option, you can always outsource.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of outsourcing.

Pros of Outsourcing IT Services

If your business is ready to hire a managed IT services provider, you want to make sure it’s the right decision for your business. Take a look at the pros of outsourcing managed IT services.

You Will Save Money

Hiring a full-time IT tech for your business can cost you a lot of money. Not only do you have to pay a high salary for their expert skillset, but you have to pay for PTO, health insurance, and other benefits.

When you outsource IT services, you don’t have to spend the same amount of money as having an in-house staff. You can use the money you save and allocate it to other areas of your business.

Aside from saving money on an employee salary, you won’t have to spend on all of the resources required to maintain an IT department. IT companies have all of the resources and experts necessary to provide you with everything you need.

Make Budgeting Easier

You know that in order to have a profitable business, you need to master the art of budgeting. Outsourcing your IT services helps the predictability of your budget.

If you know how much you’re supposed to pay every month on IT services, it will make your budgeting a lot more predictable.

Because you will always have an IT company monitoring your software and equipment, you don’t have to worry about unpredictable costs.

You will also pay for only the services you need. If your business is small and you only have a handful of computers and systems, you won’t pay the same as a large company with hundreds of employees.

Wider Expert Skill-Set

Even if you hire a skilled IT tech full-time, they might still have limited skills and resources to perform their duties. A managed IT company, on the other hand, has several experts in different areas of technology.

When you outsource your IT services, you’re not limited to the skillset of one person.  Whether you need an infrastructure built to programming a xbox code generator, you will have an entire team to support you and cover every technological need of your company.

Reliable IT Techs

Many smaller businesses often rely on one person that is the most tech-savvy. However, what happens when the person takes the day off, an emergency happens after business hours, or they can’t solve the problem?

When you hire a managed IT service company, you will only deal with trained reliable IT personnel.

Reduce Risk

If you’re not well-covered, your systems might be at risk of security breaches. In 2018, 446 million records were exposed due to security breaches.

Hackers can take advantage of any weak spots to breach your privacy and have access to your personal information. However, when you outsource your IT services, they can ensure your files are always protected against hackers, malware prevention, and other cyber attacks.

Reliable Customer Service

When you hire the right IT service provider, you can get the support you need to solve every technological issue you encounter.

Whenever you deal with an issue, you can call and have the certainty someone will be able to walk you through the process.

Maximize Productivity

If you don’t have to worry about fixing every technological issue, then you can focus on what you do best.

With reliable working technology, your staff will use their time more effectively.

Cons of Outsourcing IT Services

Although there are many benefits for companies who choose to outsource their IT services, there are a few cons as well.


Some managed IT services providers might lack some flexibility when it comes to choosing which services you need. For example, if they require you to use a specific type of software, you might have issues in the future making the switch.

You will have to go through them if you want to make changes to the files or want to switch software providers.

Of course, this con is avoidable if you select a managed IT service provider that aligns with your needs.

Different Objectives

When you outsource an IT company, you want them to share your objectives and help facilitate your job. Unfortunately, not each managed IT company will line up with your objectives.

If you choose the wrong IT provider, they could reduce the functionality of your business.

Security Gaps

If you outsource your IT services, you have to trust the company will do the work to keep your business safe. Most managed IT services providers put your security as their priority.

However, if you choose an inexperienced provider, the security of your company could be at risk. An inferior service provider can neglect the protocols in place, which can lead to security gaps.

Downtime Moments

When you have a business, you know that when your system is down it can cost you a lot of time and money. One of the reasons why you outsource is to make sure your system never goes down.

As you might have already experienced it, not all IT emergencies happen during a 9 to 5, some of them happen after hours.  If the managed IT company you hire is not available to take your call, your system can experience longer downtimes than you would like.

You can avoid this problem by hiring an IT company that has enough technicians to take your calls. Also, try to pick a company that offers 24/7 support so avoid these issues.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing: The Bottom Line

Now that you know the pros and cons of outsourcing, you can decide if it’s right for you. There are more pros to outsourcing than cons, however.

The pros include higher savings, reliable customer service, and more expert skill-sets. Some of the cons are increased downtime, possible security gaps, lack of flexibility.

If you want to learn the steps for performing a cybersecurity assessment, check out this article.

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