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Meet PortalMX, a Retail Integration Platform to Unite Disparate Systems

A retail integration platform is necessary for the success of any retailer in this day and age. In the era of multi-channel retailing, traditional businesses need to embrace a new mindset and come up with new solutions for ever-evolving challenges, most of which stem from multiple disparate systems.

Businesses need to transform traditional sales channels into a seamless service model in order to deliver exceptional customer experiences that will set them apart from the competition.

Now more than ever, consumers have a ton of products to consider and stores to buy from. That means their choice of retail channels is just as important as their choice of products. To stand out from the competition in the new era of retail, companies need to deliver exceptional seamless experiences across all channels

Here, we will share with you an excellent solution for uniting disparate systems, a retail integration platform called PortalMX.

What Is PortalMX?

PortalMX is a retail integration platform built to solve the industry’s most pressing problem — disparate systems. Developed by M.X. Data, this solution enables brands to deliver excellent customer experiences whenever and wherever shoppers may want to interact with them.

As you probably already know, consumers like to shop across different channels and use multiple devices. Some like to browse the selection online before heading to the store to make a purchase. Others would turn to online channels if they see an item that they like at a physical location but can’t find one in their size or the right color. Scenarios like this are pretty common in this new era of retail, which makes it all the more important for you to bridge the gaps between disparate systems and provide a seamless purchase journey.

PortalMX does exactly that. It breaks down the barriers separating multiple communication channels, enabling all systems to be aware of each other. That means each platform knows how a customer interacted with the rest of the channels. This will help enhance the customer experience.

Thanks to integrated solutions like PortalMX, consumers are able to switch between different company touchpoints efficiently and effectively. They will also have access to the same information and high-quality services wherever they may turn to.

The Benefits of Portal MX

Growth is excellent news for any business until it starts to generate challenges that require new solutions. As your company continues to grow, managing it will be a handful. You often have to implement a new application or a retail system to meet the company’s needs. Having multiple disparate systems that aren’t built to communicate with each other sets the stage for all sorts of inefficiencies.

The best solution to the industry’s most pressing problem is a retail integration platform,

one that’s built to manage all systems and business channels and can scale as your business grows.

Here are the advantages of using PortalMX:

Streamlines operations

PortalMX seamlessly integrates critical retail channels and systems, enabling companies to streamline operations. This gives your employees and consumers immediate access to prices, stock information, and more. Streamlining operations eliminates the need for repetitive tasks. By automating certain processes, you can drive greater productivity.

Gives real-time visibility of business operations

You can have access to real-time values of assets, sales, inventory, and more from the PortalMX retail integration platform. This way, you can easily manage and keep track of all your stores from a single dashboard. PortalMX not only collects real-time data but manages it so you and your employees can access everything that you will ever need. Different departments can easily connect with each other and share data seamlessly.

Eliminates expensive IT maintenance and integration fees

Businesses with multiple disparate systems waste exorbitant amounts of money on maintaining, integrating, and updating new versions of these platforms. When such versions are available, companies often have to spend a bit more to ensure that these different systems can work together. Connecting all these disparate systems with PortalMX not only eliminates these costly fees but liberates IT teams from non-value-adding tasks. They can instead focus on strategic initiatives that help move the business forward.

Improves customer service and enhance customer experience

With an integrated platform, employees can access accurate customer information that will help them serve customers better and sell your products more effectively. Having easy access to customer data enables employees to respond to inquiries quickly. Sales teams will also be more likely to have cross-selling and upselling opportunities. With PortalMX, you can surely cultivate long-term profitable relationships.

Supports business growth

PortalMX is a scalable system that will continue to grow and evolve along with your business. This retail integration platform enables you to monitor and assess the ever-changing demands of consumers and respond to their needs.

PortalMX, An Integrated POS and E-commerce Solution

The great thing about PortalMX is that it offers the entire gamut of integrated solutions for optimizing retail operations. Integrating critical business systems that centralize Point of Sale systems, fulfillment centers, e-commerce channels, and accounting software lets you draw relevant customer information from a single database. This allows you to be consistent in delivering excellent customer experiences. At the same time, this gives you a more holistic view into customer habits at every stage of the sales funnel. Having comprehensive insights lets you come up with new strategies and approaches that convert and retain more consumers.

Here are some of PortalMX’s many features:

E-commerce integration

As an integrated POS and e-commerce solution, PortalMX empowers you to fulfill more orders efficiently and effectively. Eliminating the gap between these disparate systems enables businesses to keep their latest inventory data up to date. You are able to prevent order processing errors, improve profit margins, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Accounting integration

Connecting POS systems with accounting software reduces the possibility of error. Automating certain processes enables you to reduce and maybe even eliminate inaccuracies in data entries and billing. PortalMX is the all-inclusive system you need to remove unnecessary frustrations and improve overall business operations.

CRM integration

Streamlining operations lets you remove repetitive tasks from business operations. In doing so, you can get rid of the usual inaccuracies and inefficiencies that stem from manual data entries. With PortalMX, you gain access to accurate product, pricing, inventory, and customer data in real time.

ERP integration

Integrating all your online channels with an ERP system allows you to reach wider audiences from different geographical locations. As it enables you to set up a multicurrency pricing plan, prospects from all over the world can view your products and check their prices in their local currency. ERP integration lets you automate operations, improve productivity, and meet your business’ growing demands.

Whether your business is starting to feel growing pains from disparate systems, or you’ve been putting up with them for years, embracing a retail integration platform helps you eliminate the issues that stem from your existing management architecture. The landscape of business is constantly changing while consumers’ demands are ever-evolving. Having critical retail systems that can interact with each other empowers your employees to focus on delivering exceptional customer service instead of struggling to understand all the complex retail systems you have.

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