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5 Common Mistakes That Ruin Any PowerPoint Presentation

Preparing a presentation is a useful activity both while you are studying at college or starting your career path. Students start making them at school, then by trial and error, they learn which tools and expression methods have a higher impact. Mistakes which beginner presenters make are typical so your presentations will be more attractive and impressive if you learn to avoid them now.

5 typical mistakes of any beginner presenter:

Relying on a template

Template always matters. But even if you download the best template from pptstar.com and simply put your text on slides, it will never impress your listeners. A presentation shouldn’t be only attractive, but it should include graphs, frameworks, and relevant images as a speaker’s illustration.

Putting too much text

All beginner presenters think that if we include the same text in our speech and presentation, we activate two ways of accepting information. In practice, it is a waste of attention. The presentation should serve as an illustration of your speech, not the second copy of it. Presenters’ audience will not like them forcing listeners to read and listen the same time so this way they will not achieve desired results.

Overcomplicating slides

We love to overestimate our audience’s attention and we try putting as much as we can on our slides. Although the most attentive ones will pay attention to details, most of your audience will not deepen into the information you put. And even those who dig deeper may not listen to you. Use the simple formula “One slide – one object” and they will love what you’ve prepared.

Forgetting about structure

Any presentation should have a contents slide with a cohesive structure so that listeners will easily follow your speech. If its structure is ambiguous and if you can easily put the second part instead of the fourth one, listeners will quickly get stuck. Which is not what you want.

Finishing with “Thanks for attention”

It may be good for school and University presentation but that is not relevant for more serious projects. It is polite to say that in words but if you put these words on slides, you attract attention on yourself rather than on the main message you want to deliver. Think about, what do you want your listeners to bring to their homes and let it determine your final slide.

Don’t forget about the most important part

Remember that when you do a presentation, your goal is not making a cool presentation for others to see your talent. Your goal is to make an impression, to convince people, and express your point of view. It is not the reason to not follow presentation standards of your University but learn to not make the main emphasis on the presentation itself. Let it be something you use, not something you show – and only this way it will help you achieve your goal.

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