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How to Avoid Mobile Device Security Threats

Today, mobile phones are not just used to ring, text or to take photographs, they are highly technical devices that allow us to carry out almost all of our daily tasks.

Utilizing the latest, innovative technology that has undoubtedly changed the way we communicate with the world, smartphones have set the bar and pushed the boundaries of what is technically possible from a handheld device.

From online banking and surfing the World Wide Web, to updating our social media platforms and even ordering our weekly food shop, the possibilities are endless.

As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, new developments are constantly allowing companies to take their products to the next level – offering more advanced features than ever before.

In terms of technology, the world is getting smarter each and every day. This automatically signals higher security risks and greater challenges when it comes to protecting our phones from viruses identify fraud mobile device security threats.

Fortunately, many companies have responded with sophisticated security solutions that allow you to protect your data from phishing threats and harmful viruses.

It would seem that, as technology continues to evolve at an unprecedented rate, so do security risks. But what are the mobile threats of the future?

Potential mobile device security threats could include:

Physical Threats – Our mobile phones are extremely valuable to us. Not only because they can cost a considerable amount of money but also because of the personal data, contacts and confidential information that the majority of us store on our phones.

If your phone goes missing or is stolen, and finds itself in the hands of unauthorized users who have the equipment and knowledge to access your personal details, this could lead to a whole host of problems, including identify fraud.

Web-based Threats – For many of us, we spend at least as much time surfing the internet on our phones as we do communicate via text and making phone calls.

In fact, many people prioritize network speeds as their main focus when choosing a mobile device that will accommodate their day-to-day needs. But, just as you would invest in anti-virus software for your computer or laptop, mobile phone security is just as important.

With many web-based services posing an increased risk, it’s important to invest in the necessary mobile phone security and software in order to protect your device and your data.

Possible web-based risks include:

  • Phishing Scams – this is when a scam is sent directly to your email, social media accounts, or via SMS. This is a tactic used by many criminals who try to trick their victims into providing personal information without them realizing.
  • Browser Exploits – these take advantage of vulnerable web links that may appear in your web browsers such as PDF reader or Flash Player. They are mostly triggered when web users visit an unsafe web page.
  • Drive-By Downloads – again, these pose a treat to your mobile phone’s security. Known to automatically download an application on a web page, without you even realizing, they pose an increased risk of exploitation. Adaptive Mobile, who was nominated for an award at MWC mentioned a number of these in 2014 including the Koler virus.


Mobile Virus
But what does this mean for the future of mobile security? Experts are predicting that, as security continues to evolve, so will the threat of potential viruses and identify fraud.

There are a number of specially designed pieces of software and apps that help to prevent security issues arising, however, as technology continues to advance, fraudsters are also utilizing these advancements to steal data and personal information. This is widely known as financial fraud and identity theft.


It’s up to mobile phone companies to continue to develop software solutions that will help to stamp out network, web-based and mobile device security threats.

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