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Most Perspective Gadgets In 2023 That Will Enchant You

It seems now that everything has been invented and it is unlikely that a person can come up with anything original, but we have compiled a list of the most perspective gadgets of 2023 , which will certainly surprise you.

Everyone knows that gadgets in our time are reliable and reliable helpers, which can greatly facilitate and ease our lives to an unimaginable extent. As the statistics say, for every inhabitant of the planet, on average, there are three devices. Every year, a variety of manufacturers produce a lot of useful gadgets, which instantly scatter like hotcakes.

Petnet Smartfeeder – Your pet will not remain hungry!

Any business trip or holiday of many owners of domestic animals cannot do without difficulties – who should be fed? Residents of megacities can entrust the animal to hotels for cats and dogs, but what if the services of such organizations do not fit into the family budget, and friends and relatives cannot or do not want to help? They were taken care of by the American start-up Petnet, creating a smart pet feeder called Smartfeeder.  Get it here: https://amzn.to/2rOod0f

The gadget is designed for remote feeding of pets. In the upper part of the body is placed from 2.26-3.18 kg of dry food, the sensors monitor the level of food in the compartment, and at the behest of the owner, the feeder will feed your cat dinner in a bowl of stainless steel. The feeder is securely closed, so do not be afraid that the four-legged darling will reverse and damage the structure. The device has a built-in battery and micro USB-connector.

Smartfeeder is supported by the iPhone of the fifth generation and newer, and the connection is via Wi-Fi. The feeder is controlled from the application: it monitors the number of calories consumed to maintain the weight of the cat or dog in the norm, recommends the types of feed, warns in advance of the need to open access to the bowl of the animal or replenish its food reserves. The Petnet product is fully operational so far only in the US, where it can be ordered for $150 – more than half the original price.

JJRC H37 Elfie

The world of high-tech gadgets has been flooded with various types of drones. You will find all sorts of different drones for many purposes. One of the coolest drones currently on the market is the JJRC H37 Elfie. Its main functionality is taking pictures of the user. The company which produced this small drone claims that this is the smallest selfie drone out there. Thanks to the foldable design and very low weight of just 73 grams, you can easily take the JJRC H37 Elfie with you on your trips. No need to carry an additional bag for it, because the Elfie neatly fits in your pocket. When the Elfie is not in use, the arms that hold the rotors can be folded inside the body, so it becomes even smaller in size (only 2.56 x 5.31 x 0.98 in).  Get it here: https://ebay.to/2k11v1e

Equipped with an HD 2MP camera, 6-axis gyro for greater stability, Wi-Fi FPV live transmission, Headless Flight Mode that makes flying easy even for beginners, the JJRC H37 Elfie is a very cool and fun gadget for everyone’s taste and needs.

Did even I mention the ridiculously affordable price? Unlike other competitor models, the price of which reaches even a thousand bucks, the Elfie is affordable for everyone’s budget. For a very good price of just $99.99 at online stores like myMobile Gear, the amazing H37 foldable drone will amaze the users. This little baby is very agile and rolls and flips at 360 degrees in different directions with impressive performance and smoothness of the moves.

One of the coolest things about the JJRC H37 Elfie is the way you control it. Namely, you won’t need to carry a heavy remote controller that will annoy you. Instead, the Elfie is controlled via the one thing we all already have – a smartphone. You simply need to download the JJRC App on your iOS or Android-based smartphone and connect to the Wi-Fi network emitted by the H37 Elfie.

LG Watch Sport – Packed with powerful hardware stuffing

After the Google Corporation demonstrated the capabilities of the second version of the mobile operating system Android Wear, ordinary users and geeks began to wait for the appearance of gadgets on this platform. At last such device has appeared – we are talking of the sports watches LG Watch Sport, let out by the manufacturer more recently. How successful have they turned out? Let’s see.

At the official presentation of the new version of the OS for smartwatches Android Wear 2.0, Google and LG confirmed most of the characteristics of LG Watch Sport and Style.  Get it here: https://ebay.to/2Kwdr6u

In the case of the LG Watch Sport (however, as well as in the style), an extra-fast CPU Snapdragon 2100 found its place. The smartwatch has a built-in memory with a capacity of 4 GB – but in the market of smartwatches, such is already encountered often. The situation is completely different with the RAM – with its 768 MB, the LG Watch Sport can become a real workhorse.

In addition, LG is not stingy in the rest of the equipment: in addition to the usual Bluetooth-module onboard the LG Watch Sport, there are GPS-, NFC- and WLAN-modules. The presence of NFC means primarily one thing: the LG Watch Sport can integrate a convenient payment system Android Pay.

There are additional sports components: in addition to the usual acceleration sensor, the watch contains a heart rate monitor, a gyrometer and a barometer. All these sensors should be on the wrist, so the LG Watch Sport turned out to be relatively thick, although only slightly more massive than the Casio WSD-F10.

In general, we can quite claim that the LG Watch Sport can be compared with such models located on the top positions of ratings of smartwatches, like Samsung Gear S3 or Apple Watch Series 2. The price of this smartwatch is $330.

Gramovox – Record player that defies gravity

It’s been a while since the vinyl record player came back. The record player came back in a very precise moment in the evolution of technology. An evolution that we do not read, we live. We saw as the vinyl disc was reduced in size, material change and the system abandoned the ‘needle’ to encapsulate the whole mechanism with an optical reading system. The forms that accompany the changes carry the burden of previous generations. The persistence of forms is part of the change. The CD was loaded with electronic novelty, but filled with the formal nostalgia of the record disc. As if the inertia of the forms held in check the new proposals.  Get it here: https://ebay.to/2rJeDM2

Compact disc technology produced a disc that, even with a small hole in the center as in the case of the vinyl, was placed horizontally. Companies like the famous Danish firm Bang & Olufsen explored vertical models, taking advantage of the possibilities of electronics.

The Floating Record™ is a record player developed by the people of Gramovox in Chicago, where the record disc is placed vertically. As in the first commercial record player, when the sound technology inside the home appeared inside a piece of furniture and before the arrival of the component concept, this appliance had integrated horns. To keep it vertical, Gramovox incorporated a small device that secures the arm over the acrylic plate, to keep the rotary record stable. The arm, made of carbon fiber and fully adjustable, uses an elliptical diamond cartridge by Audio-Technica, which reads music without any distortion.

The Vertical Turntable™ was launched in 2015 in a Kickstarter anchoring campaign that collected more than $ 1.5 million. It’s a bit pricey ($550), but you will surely enjoy the retro-modern style of this record player in your living room.

Nvidia Shield TV – Media console with game services

We’ve come a long way from playing old vintage video games.  The company NVIDIA develops various directions related to hardware and software solutions for working with graphics and games. In recent years, along with computer graphics, the Tegra family has evolved, which has become the main one for various mobile devices. Based on these chips, a series of products called SHIELD was released.  Get it here: https://ebay.to/2wLH55D

At the moment, the SHIELD family is represented by three main devices:

  • Portable console SHIELD Portable
  • Tablet SHIELD Tablet
  • TV set-top box SHIELD Android TV Console

All these devices use the Android system, offering high performance and wide gaming functionality. The beginning of the SHIELD lineup was laid by the release of the portable game console.

The SHIELD Portable console comes with a square box, the design of which is sustained in a proprietary black-and-green style. The device itself and accessories are inside a folding box of green color.

Brand manufacturers nVidia love to experiment. And when creating the nVidia Shield prefix, the brand remained true to its traditions. The advanced quad-core processor has combined the main advantages of the best analogical representatives: the highest power and minimum power consumption. The folding screen with a diameter of 5 inches works on the principle of a touchscreen. The device plays video content, has a solid memory of 16 GB and can accommodate even the most voluminous game. The console also supports micro SD, it is easy to find communication wirelessly using Bluetooth, as well as Wi-Fi. In the box, you will also find inputs for connecting headphones, and even a microphone. In general, the console is staffed, as it should. The Nvidia Shield works on Android, which means you have a lot of games available. Choose your option: you can buy, download or borrow from friends – the device will easily cope with your requests. The price of the Nvidia Shiled is $199 in standard package, and $299 for the Shield Pro version.

Amazon Echo

It can read the news while you are preparing your morning coffee. It will play a fresh episode of your favorite podcast, while you are doing exercises for the press. You can ask it to record the time so that the festive dinner does not burn in the oven. Amazon Echo always listens to you and really simplifies your life.  Get it here: https://amzn.to/2KrDqMr

Amazon Echo is a black cylinder with a height of 235 mm and a diameter of 83.5 mm. The speaker is powered by a 220 V network and requires a constant connection to Wi-Fi. On the top there is a highlight and two main buttons: Action button and Mute. The volume is adjusted using the upper ring. Other buttons are not needed – the device is controlled by voice or through an application for iOS / Android.

How does the Amazon Echo sound? The speaker slightly distorts the sound on the lower bass. As for the volume, the speaker suffices for a medium-sized room, while in a large room, it is slightly lost. Amazon Echo will not be able to pump a noisy party, it has quite another purpose – to be your assistant. If you need a powerful speaker, better look at other speakers.

A year and a half ago, Alexa could answer simple questions. But this is in the past. The Amazon team worked productively to expand the functionality. Now you can instantly learn about the results of yesterday’s NHL matches or listen to the list of scheduled for Monday cases. Well, maybe such a dialogue:

– Alexa, turn Adele on iHeartRadio

– Would you like to add the Adele station to your iHeartRadio account?

– Yes, perhaps add.

– All right, done!

The functionality of the device is constantly updated (the necessary updates are automatically downloaded over the web). The price of this cool gadget is $180.

Anki Cosmo – the sweetest robot you’ll ever find

Want to give a gift that is not quite as boring as a Cell Phone Tripod?  Cozmo is a charming robot, which is simply impossible not to love.

He was created by a start-up, engaged in the development of hardware, Anki, in conjunction with the multipliers Pixar and DreamWorks. For the first time Cosmo was shown back in 2016, and since then he managed to win the hearts of many. Known for its radio-controlled toy cars, Anki released something new to the market – the miniature robot Cozmo.  Get it here: https://ebay.to/2IqKIzv

This is not just another robot, which will go to dust in the pantry after the first weeks or months.

As the creators of the novelty say, they tried to do something that would feel part of the family. The statement is undoubtedly loud, but Cozmo does cause very positive emotions and somehow resembles a pet and the cartoon robot WALL • E.

The miniature crawler robot is more like a small toy tractor. The central hinge works in place of the arms, so Cozmo can move, knock objects in its path. On the digital face-screen Cozmo has an eye animation, with which he expresses a huge range of emotions embedded in him. In the Cozmo is also installed a voice module, expressed by sound signals, audio recordings.

Before his “awakening”, Cosmo does not represent anything special and it seems like a simple toy with a head resembling an old TV. But when he “wakes up,” everything changes.

His main distinguishing feature is his eyes, expressing different emotions and unique character, like a small curious child. 1.2 million lines of code make it live. Cosmo, like a child, constantly needs attention: he remembers his master, and the more you interact with him, the more interesting the robot becomes.

Similar to R2-D2, Cozmo communicates through tones and sound signals, although it can pronounce the names of people whom it is programmed to recognize. Animation of the eye works at the highest level, like the cartoon prototype WALL • E.

The platform on which Cozmo operates is based on the open-source Python programming language, so beta test participants can quickly figure it out and provide Anki with useful feedback.

Cozmo is controlled through a mobile application for iOS or Android, and a ten-minute charge of the built-in battery lasts for 2 hours of autonomous life, after which the robot sends a signal that it’s time to for a refreshment of the battery.

Most of the code is executed automatically without interference from the owner. Hundreds of lines of code responsible for the work of the robot’s vision, navigation, emotional expressions of the robot and others, remain “behind the scenes.”

The electronic filing of Cozmo consists of three ARM processors, speakers and a complex sensor system, through which it detects and travels around obstacles.

This sweet-looking robot is for sale at a price of $173.

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