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Music Marketing: 7 Alternative Ways

When it comes to promoting their work, musicians are often not so creative. As a rule, all that comes to their mind is to organize a concert and sell their CDs there. This is not bad, but much more can be done.

We have come up with the 7 ways to promote and monetize your work – from the more “classic” ones to some very non-standard things. Use at least something, and your income will certainly increase.

Becoming a huge musician requires an amount of hard work so enormous that it seems humanly impossible. However, if you don’t rest properly, you’ll end up just walking around like a zombie, and all your hard work will, unfortunately, do to waste.

So, here are the best ways for you to promote your music:

Make sure your album is easy to buy

Don’t make your listeners think too much. Your site must have links to popular services where people can buy or stream your album. At least, your fans (and even the potential ones) should be able to view your music at iTunes and Google Play easily. The links should be in prominent places, do not hide them in the bowels of the site. If somebody will review your album somewhere, ask them to put links to the stores.

Email your fans

You must constantly collect and replenish the database of email addresses of your listeners — on the site, at your shows. If you did a good preliminary job and collected a decent amount of addresses, then only with this tool, you can provide a basic level of sales. If you think that “Email is not working today” – you are mistaken.

Give your supporters something for free every now and then

Send your new song for free to your subscribers. Publish a live or a demo version of the old track on YouTube. Post some covers – for free, of course. Do it at least once a month. This way, the listeners will be much more involved in your work.

Set Google Alert to your group name

Do it right now. This way, if someone writes something good about your band somewhere on the network, you can instantly thank him or her. If someone writes a negative review about you, you will be able to respond in time and reflect the wave of negativity from your person or group. Use it!

Make a cool street show

Make banners with the group symbols and logo. Have a show right on the street. Or take off the truck or pickup and play right from there, as U2 did. It will attract a crowd. Sell ??something at these shows and gather contacts.

Partnership with other musicians

Make a special referral link for the purchase of your album. Ask other musicians to send out a letter with this link to their fanbase. And give them a percentage of sales. If, at the same time, you have the opportunity to collect the emails of those who bought, then you can even offer to give 100% of the money from albums sold from their mailing list. Don’t worry – in the future, you can earn on this base so much more.

Become a partner of a nonprofit organization

This is especially true if the ideas of the organization are close to you personally and to your music. Speak up at the events organized by the organization. Thus, you will have more concerts and more loyal listeners. If you are really active, then people can have a strong association between you and the organization. For example, you are an ardent defender of nature, as you often “shine” at their events.

To sum up

As you can see, you can come up with a bunch of great promotion methods, many of which are free. Remember, in order to succeed; you must earn your creativity. The more creativity, the better. So do not be shy and experiment boldly!

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