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The New Subjects In SAP Business Objects 4.2

SAP Business Objects is a business intelligence software product from SAP company popularly known as SAP BOBI. SAP has released the latest version SAP BOBI 4.2 in the year 2016 equipped with great features. Business users and IT executives with older version or of other BI tools may not have considered the impact of the upgrading to new version on the business.

In this article we travel through the information what has SAP enhanced and have a look at the significant features that make this BI tool  most user-friendly and accessible ever. Tekslate SAP Business Objects Training helps you understand the latest features in SAP BO.

Business Intelligence Empowered

Expectedly, customers could be individual or an organization, looks for such a software in their business that it should be easy, powerful, efficient, scalable and understandable to the staff. SAP has already gained enormous customer satisfaction across the world, but still the needs and demands are not stable for any business, they keep on updating and upgrading their tools and stay connected with the advancements in the technology space.

The driving factors of the new version SAP BOBI 4.2 are Empower and simplify. The main focus of SAP was to provide business users and IT teams a simple, easily understandable and more agile application to understand the business performance and run the business operations as fast as possible. When compared to the previous versions, the new tool makes you feel more intuitive and simpler in usage. This is achieved with the boat of new enhancements, features, more geospatial functionalities and now BOBI can connect with SAP HANA and SAP BW. RUN SIMPLE is the guiding principle followed by SAP in helping their customers.

Operating Intelligent Business

With the ever increasing mountain of data, it has become very difficult to manage the data for business intelligence analysts to grab the opportunities and face the new challenges in the marketplace. Proportionately, technology is also growing exponentially along with the data. Businesses are now looking for technologies that can pace up the business performance operating business intelligence effectively and efficiently. In some organizations, the gap between the IT teams and business users has widened due to inefficient data accessibility leading to business performance issues and failures.

However, in the period of data floods, Business Intelligence Analytics application is facing many challenges dealing with complex and unwieldy data types. Keeping this in view, SAP has introduced the following new features in its latest version:

Who are benefited with SAP BOBI 4.2?

It is optimistic to say that everybody who will adopt or upgrade to this version will be benefitted, but there are some important users who may reach higher level in their designation or role substantially. Here are the roles:

  • Analysts, Designers and Business Users:

All business intelligence users will be benefited with this tool with improved responsiveness and also for BI analysts using the tools like SAP Crystal Solutions, SAP BO Lumira and SAP BO Web Intelligence.

  • IT Administrators:

Managing and optimizing the platform performance, easy installs and upgrades, reduced costs and workloads can be achievable.

  • Ecosystem & Development Partners:

The new tool will help businesses in better decision-making strategies across all channels of the organization. The integrated BI platform enables the development partners perform business transactions seamlessly.

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