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How Online World Has Grown In The Last Decade?

Over the past decade there have been significant technological advances in the world. Microsoft attempted to buy Yahoo, Apple developed its ultra-thin Mac laptop, Honda began selling its zero-emission hydrogen fueled car, the FCX Clarity, and a tiny computer with a six-inch screen inside a stuffed leather pillow is released by Chumby. The computer has internet access and can show incoming email, play games, and display news headlines.

One of the realizations as we look back on a decade of technology use is how prevalent the internet has become. Our everyday lives revolve around it. How many times do you check your Facebook feed? Or Twitter updates? Society has grown dependent on access to the internet in every aspect of life. The online world has grown as a conduit for business, recreation, travel planning, schooling, communication, and shopping.

Media Access

Have you ever heard of the term “hot off the press”? That saying derived from a time when the most current news was literally just printed in a newspaper. That developed into internet access and content providers developing strategies to organize and distribute the latest news effectively. Once upon a time the HTML was simply Times New Roman font, completed with a flashing link. Now online content can be published with RSS feeds, social networks, blogs, smartphones, tablets, and a myriad of other tools. Available content for the world to see has exploded over the last decade as every person now has an opportunity and the capability to have their voice heard online.

Can you hear me now?

Personal communication has soared to new heights. In the early 2000’s, internet use was a stationary event. If you had a cell phone, it was most likely a flip phone with none of the bells and whistles that are standard fare for today’s choices. These days, more than 95% of Americans own a smartphone. Having a phone that can stream movies, play endless music, have a personal GPS, play games, and access the internet and social media is a development of the last decade. With the use of smartphones, the dependency on land lines has diminished greatly, making access to online amenities available on the go as well at home.

Social Media

The development of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media also propelled internet use from a stationary to a social environment. No longer do we look up topics of interest on the internet and join the occasional chat group. Today we socialize almost on a minute to minute basis. We have platforms such as Skype for personal and business face time. We have the capability to interact with each other in real time, and the phenomenon is growing.


Another area of noticeable growth is the use of Wi-Fi. It didn’t take long for businesses everywhere to get on the Wi-Fi band wagon. With the development of smartphone and better laptops, and eventually tablets, Wi-Fi gives users an unprecedented mobility with their internet access. Business owners were quick to realize that their customers want to stay connected online, and therefore began to provide Wi-Fi hot zones for the customer’s use. If you are eating lunch at your favorite restaurant you can let your friends know immediate. If you are on vacation and want to stream your favorite program, there is a Wi-Fi hot spot available for your enjoyment.

Online Streaming

Anyone of the age of Facebook will not only never remember a time before online social media, but won’t ever know what it was like to have to watch a program only when it was available on television. The concept of being in the living room by a certain time and only getting up during commercials is a lifestyle that is obsolete to the older generation, and unknown to the younger. Streaming your favorite program or movie through Amazon, Netflix, or Hulu is how this generation rolls. Having the availability to watch your favorite show from a decade or more ago, or catch up on a season you missed from last year can be done through streaming. Because of online streaming consumers can now watch any documentaries, movies, TV shows, exercise videos, and even music videos they want, when they want.


Another major change in the world due to the growth of online availability the shopping experience of the consumer. One of the first known purchases online was in 1994, believed to be a pizza from Pizza Hut. On July 16, 1995, Amazon opened for business. The company grew from a humble two-garage operation to what it is today: a billion dollar, international shopping platform.

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The online world has grown into every aspect of our lives, creating a smaller world, and more accessible information and products. Cyber security is a good way to make sure your business and personal information stays safe. Unfortunately, as the online world continues to grow, so will the dangers of identity theft and hackers. Explore the advancements of technology with confidence while you protect yourself against threats.

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