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How to remove personal information from Internet

The Internet can be a dangerous place and information about yourself may be exposed, all the way down to an image of your front door found from a simple search of your name on Google.  Additional information commonly found are relatives, income, aliases, screennames, social networking profiles, and more.   Our previous article How far a determined person can get …

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Power Tips on Hiring an SEO Company for Your Marketing Needs

Getting into search engine optimization (SEO) is a smart choice for any company, especially if you want to create a dominant presence in the market’s digital scene. “Attracting” the attention of search engines by using good “habits” can propel you to a position of relevance, making it easier for your clients to find you using search engines. Of course, this …

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Why SEO is Important to Your Online Success

A good online presence will impact your business and could help to improve sales and revenues. One of the solutions you could pursue to improve the online presence of your business is to work on search engine optimization (SEO). This is a powerful tool that you could utilize to promote your business by making your site visible on search engines. …

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Serious About Your Business? Go Online

So, you’ve been running your own business for quite some time, and so far, it’s going well. You have an office set up and decided to get some additional workforce. Your business revenues are ticking over, but you look forward to more. What’s needed to be done? How to reach more prospects and customers? How to make more sales? Thought …

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The Top 4 Ways to Promote Your Brand in 2023, 2024

There are only a few months before the year comes to an end. On the other hand, both big and small businesses are competing for customers. Technological advancements have contributed to the marketing evolution that we continue to experience every year. This is because businesses have had to change the way they package themselves to attract more customers. Although there …

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Leading Review Management Tools for Small Businesses

The importance of reviews to businesses today is well documented and undeniable. Research shows that up to 95% of customers check reviews for any product online before purchasing it. My personal experience seems to indicate as much! At present, there are numerous review websites and applications available that function as public forums where people post about their experiences with a …

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Turning Your Idea Into An Actual Product

Have you ever had an idea, app, or product that someone beat you to creating?  Before you start sharing your idea with the wrong person or show it to a company that may offer to buy it, you need to do one thing above all others.  Protect it. If you are looking to protect your invention or license it, the only …

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How to Market on Instagram

There are tons of social media outlets out there and it’s quite easy to look the other way when another social network gets mentioned. Marketers are faced with a lot of choices, responsibilities and managed social tasks when it comes to maintaining social media presence on networks like Google +, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, to name a few. Instagram has gained much popularity, especially …

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