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Popularity of How-To Articles: What Makes Them Work?

Ever since the internet became the place where you find answers, how-to articles became a go-to for online searchers. If you Google any kind of recipe, procedure, or tutorial, you’ll find hundreds of how-to articles as a result.

Today, for a content company to become the best article writing service, they need at least one great how-to article writer on board.

But why are how-to articles so popular? Is it just because they give you answers, or is there something more to it? Keep reading below to learn more about what makes this form of content such a popular internet phenomenon. Let’s dive right in!

They Offer Step-By-Step Instructions

The biggest reason why how-to articles are the best format of instructional and learning content is that they are broken down into steps. When you open a well-written how-to article, you’ll notice that the instructions are often divided into smaller steps that you need to follow chronologically.

This means that the content becomes easy to digest and follow. The reader doesn’t need to think much as the instructions are pretty clear and straightforward. That is precisely the quality that makes a how-to article excellent; its steps are easy to follow. In short, how-to articles make life easier for the readers.

They are Easy to Follow

Another reason why people keep looking for how-to articles when they want to learn something new is that they are often written in a very simple and conversational style. When you start reading a how-to article, you will first be given some context and introduction to the activity that is to be carried out. Then, a list of ingredients or supplies is shared to ensure you have everything you need to complete the task.

After that, the article usually takes you through the step-by-step instructions that you can follow along the way. These instructions are written in a simple and easy-to-follow language, which explains why this type of content is so popular.

Quality Over Quantity

When it comes to how-to articles, quality takes precedence over quantity. These kinds of articles do well when they are succinct and easy to follow. This allows the content writer to focus on the instructions instead of just reaching a certain word count. As a result, the article becomes more about quality than its length, which can be a great indicator of the popularity of this type of content.

When you open an instructional article, you would have learned to do something by the end of it. This type of informational and learning value is the reason why how-to articles work for people the way they do. The value-added through these articles is directly experienced by the readers in the form of results.

By following the instructions in the article, they are able to make or fix something. How cool is that? No wonder how-to articles are such a huge success on the internet.

Tips for How-to Article Writers

If you want to become a how-to article writer, then you need to make sure that you give your audience exactly what they are looking for. If the title says it will teach how to fix something, make sure you are able to teach that thoroughly.

Before you write your first how-to article, take a look at a few helpful tips below:

  • Use simple and clear language to describe the steps
  • Share alternatives to ingredients or supplies (if any)
  • Write structurally; divide the article into different parts. For e.g., introduction, ingredients, prep, step-by-step tutorial, etc.
  • Write in a conversational tone. Imagine yourself speaking to a live class or leading an in-person lesson
  • Add visuals to support the understanding of your reader. Consider inserting images of supplies or the results after each step

As we discussed above, an excellent how-to article is something that offers a step-by-step guide on the subject. It is easy to follow for everyone and uses simple and clear language. Most importantly, this kind of content needs to prioritize quality over quantity.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of how-to articles can be understood for the quality and value they offer. They are functional and offer practical and step-by-step answers to the readers’ query. You can become a great article writer for this kind of content if you’re able to communicate simply and teach others how to perform a task step by step.

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