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Process To Uninstall Unwanted Applications on Mac

A brand-new Mac comes with the most essential applications and software pre-loaded. These applications may include App Store, utility apps, Books, Contacts, Games, Messages, Mail, Photos, FaceTime, iTunes, Safari, and other Utility Apps. We install a lot of apps as per our requirements even though it is for one-time use only.

It is essential to timely review your installed apps and uninstalls apps on Mac. There are different methods of how to remove applications from Mac. You can uninstall Mac apps manually or use one of the best apps to clean Mac. The manual methods can only remove the app however you need to manually dig out the app cache, app data and other clutter. Let’s start with the manual methods first!

Uninstall Apps Using Launchpad

Launchpad is the easiest approach to get hold of all the apps and list out what you want to uninstall. You can uninstall the apps but will be left with redundant app data and leftover.

Step 1. On the Dock, click on the Launchpad and it will list out all the apps installed on your Mac. Also, try to pinch your trackpad to access the launchpad.

Step 2. Click and hold the app icon that needs to be uninstalled. You’ll find all the removable app icons jiggling with a tiny X cross beside the app. Apps that came preinstalled with the Mac will not have an X icon.

Step 3. Click on the X icon to delete Mac apps and confirm selection once prompted.

Step 4. You can click on the X mark on multiple apps while they are jiggling for uninstallation. Click anywhere on the blank screen once you are done.

How to Delete Mac Apps Using Application Folder

All the installed Apps will be found in the Applications Folder. Here is how to remove software from Mac using the Application Folder.

Step 1. Click on the Finder and go to the Applications folder.

Step 2. Once you see all the applications, you can right-click on the app you wish to uninstall.

Step 3. Click on the ‘Move to Trash’ option to uninstall Mac apps.

Drag & Drop Apps to Trash

The quickest method to uninstall apps on Mac is the drag & drop option. Here is how to uninstall Mac apps by simply Drag and Drop App Icons into the Trash Bin.

Step 1. Go to the Applications folder and look for the apps that need to be uninstalled. You can also search for the apps on the top right.

Step 2. You will find the application and associated files in the search results. Click on the plus (+) sign to create a search query and it will find all the associated system files as well.

Step 3. Select all the found files from the search result, Drag & Drop the files to Trash. Once you have cleared files, don’t forget to empty the Trash Bin.

Manage Applications Using (App Recommendations)

When you make a move to manage your storage, macOS gives you app recommendations as per their usage. If there is an app that is accumulating a lot of clutter, it will recommend uninstalling the app or app data.

Step 1. Click on the Apple logo and select the ‘About this Mac’ option.

Step 2. Select the Storage option and click on the ‘Manage’ button on the right.

Step 3. It will scan and list out some recommendations for the apps that need consideration. Go to the ‘Applications’ folder in the top-left to list out app recommendations.

Step 4. Sort applications by Size or Last Accessed to decide if you really want to keep them or delete them.

Step 5. Select the App and hit the Delete button on the right-bottom corner. You can also drag & drop the app to the Trash.

“Please Note: All the above Manual steps on how to remove applications from Mac will only uninstall apps. You will still be left with accumulated cookies, temp files and other app data. You will need to use the best app to clean Mac and associated files.”

Use Best Mac Cleaning Software

Mac cleaning software can uninstall apps on Mac and also cleans associated files, cache, cookies, and other app data. There are dozens of the best app to clean Mac for those who are new to Mac and don’t know how to delete Mac Apps. We have tested, compared and reviewed the best apps like Cleanup My System, CleanMyMac X, etc.

Cleanup My System

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Cleanup My System is a wonderful Mac cleaner that is brilliantly designed for smart cleanup. You can uninstall Applications and remove app data, redundant files, app cache, cookies, temp files and other clutter associated with the app. Apart from app cleaning, you can also clear Cache, Log Files, Junk Files, Mail Attachments, Trash, Old Files, Large Files, Backup Files, and optimize the Startup Manager to boost the startup time. Check out the Full Review of Cleanup My System here!

Summing Up

This article on how to remove applications from Mac has covered all the manual steps on how to remove software from Mac manually and also covered the best app to clean Mac. The manual steps will only remove the app however you will be left with the app clutter. The best Mac cleaner will uninstall the apps and associated app data, cache, cookies, temp files and more from your Mac. If you are unsure how to uninstall Mac Apps along with data, use the best Mac cleaning software.

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