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Smart tips to protect your youtube and other accounts from hackers

The number one video site in the world is now YouTube. Globally it is widely recognized and more and more content gets added to it each day. Because of this massive growth and demand for YouTube advertising, it has made a hotspot for potential and non-potential hackers. At this point security countermeasure becomes vital.

If you understand Youtube demands, security is always a point of consideration, the main aim of this article is not to introduce some security and privacy tips, as the title shows that we are going to talk about some of the ways through which you can protect your YouTube account.

Your Youtube account is essentially tied to the same login as any of your Google accounts, unless you have been granted permission by another account.  Protecting your Youtube account means protecting all of your Google accounts.

Use Strong Password

Are your account passwords easy to remember? Well yes, most people use passwords that are easy to remember based on their address date of birth or birthday. We are all guilty of using easy to hack passwords. But if I make my password hard to guess how can I remember what it was?

Password cracking into YouTube site is a common practice among malicious hackers (aka crackers). They use password cracking script that repeatedly try to guess your password and login. Unfortunately, if your YouTube site gets hacked the results can be devastating.

So what is a strong password? A “strong” password is one that would be difficult to hack. It is one that has not been utilized some time recently. A “strong” password is one that is utilized on just a single record. There is no space for utilizing one password for all records since when a programmer breaks into one of those records, that individual would have programmed access to the greater part of alternate records.

A “strong” identity, along these lines, would require that specific rules are taken after. So here are 6 things to consider while making one. A “strong” password must:

  • have a blend of upper and lower cases
  • contain extraordinary characters
  • not contain clear data, for example, commemoration dates, username or postcode and so forth.
  • not be found in the word reference
  • be different from past passwords
  • not be under 8 characters

Change out your password frequently

Passwords are meant to provide security to your YouTube accounts because they are very important if you want to protect all of your data and credentials, but only using a strong password will not solve your security issues, you need to create a unique password for each of your accounts for robust protection. To make it hard for the hackers to break your security, it’s a good practice to change your passwords frequently.

Watch out for Phishing

Phishing (pronounced “fishing”) is a type of identity theft that has grown in popularity with hackers. They use false emails and fraudulent websites to attempt to steal a person’s personal information, including their credit card information and passwords.

The criminals are able to gain access to this information by sending a link in an email that appears to be from a site you trust, such as a social network or bank. Then they are able to steal the data you enter as you attempt to login or enter information. Some of the sites more commonly spoofed are eBay, MSN, PayPal, and Yahoo! as well as many financial institutions. So, do not believe that an email is safe because it may not be from your bank.

How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing

Be wary of any email that requests personal information, especially if the information needed is of a financial nature. A legitimate business or organization would not request sensitive information in an email and banks do not ask for your information unless you contact them.


Do not feel pressured to provide information based on an email. Phishers commonly use scare tactics. They may threaten to close or disable an account if you don’t respond or delay a service without certain information. If you receive a threatening email, contact the merchant directly by typing in their link to confirm the authenticity of the email.

Always use a secure network

Hackers can still take advantage of weaknesses in the network you so use.so to secure your network here is what that you have to do:

Install a firewall

A good firewall to protect your network from the outside world. This will prevent any bad packets accessing your network and help to prevent hackers from breaking in.

Implement peer block

Peer block is another great program you should have on your network. This program can be configured to block bad servers, known hackers and other various people from accessing your network. It works using preset lists and blocks or allows all the IP addresses on each list. This program also helps keep your online and downloading habits protected.

Remember to sign out

On a similar note, it’s anything but difficult to neglect to sign out from YouTube when you leave a computer, yet you totally should. On the off chance that another person happens upon your record while despite everything you’re marked in, they can without much of a stretch change your password and take control of your YouTube channel until the point that you get the situation more worse.

Fill out recovery form on Google account

It is critical that you fill out the recovery on your Google account. Despite the fact that you dislike the possibility of giving your telephone number to the organization, it is a decent approach to keep away from greater issues in the event that you find that somebody tries to enter your account – you’re the special case who approaches the recovery code on your telephone.

To put it plainly, good judgment and some mindfulness while making your secret word can spare you some enormous migraines later. Simply check painstakingly where you enter your own points of interest and this will prevent cyber criminals from getting their hands on it.

Final note

Well the most imperative tips to secure your youtube account has been talked above, but it is insufficient on the grounds that you need to secure your youtube account from an assault like data gathering, hackeers utilizes different social designing procedures to get into your account, to get increasingly data about yourself and you’re encompassing people like companions, relatives, and others

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