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Questions To Ask An SEO Agency Before Hiring

Your business will never thrive and grow unless it has a strong online presence. More and more people are now heavily dependent on the internet for their buying decisions, so if they see a certain brand having positive reviews online, they’ll likely patronize it.

This is just one of the most obvious reasons why as a business, you should exert time and effort to improve your SEO campaign. Your business should be visible online, so it’ll be easier to attract paying customers and eventually create a brand. Search Engine Optimization can be a complicated process but thanks to SEO agencies operating today, you don’t have to take on the challenge alone.

There are a lot of SEO agencies available but regardless of whether you’re looking for a small or big New York SEO agency within your location, you can absolutely find one that suits your needs and budget. However, these aren’t the only things you should consider when hiring; if you want to end up with the best SEO agency for your business, you should take time to throw their way the following questions:

What’s the History of Your Agency?

As mentioned, you’ll never run out of options when you’re looking for an SEO company. You’ll find a handful of these agencies regardless of your business location or the location of your target audience. If you don’t have any idea on how you can narrow down your search, start by asking about the history of the agency. How long has the agency been running? How did the agency start? You should also ask about the biggest challenges the agency has faced in the past as this can give you an idea of how flexible and adaptable they are.

How Experienced is the SEO Team?

The experience of the SEO team can influence your success as a business. Hiring a team that has the training and experience can increase the success of your business because they’ll know what to do and not to do. Aside from the things that the team learned in the past, you should also inquire if they are currently undergoing training or are attending workshops. SEO is fast-paced, which means that strategies should be innovative in order to work long-term. The experience of the SEO team you’ll hire is vital because it goes beyond learning from an online digital course.

In Which Industries Has the Agency Worked?

Businesses will require different SEO strategies. A restaurant will have a different SEO campaign compared to a clothing brand because these two have different niches and target audiences. To ensure that the SEO agency you’ll hire can actually help your business’s specific needs, ask about the industries they have worked with. As much as possible, you should only hire an SEO agency that is adept in the industry of your business. You shouldn’t hire an SEO agency who have years of experience in information technology when your business is focused on selling apparels for children.

Do You Have a Client Portfolio?

It’s very easy for an SEO agency to tell you how experienced they are in a specific industry. They can give you the names of the businesses they’ve worked with and how they’ve contributed to these businesses’ success. Although it can be tempting, don’t immediately believe what they say. On the contrary, ask for a client portfolio first. This is one way of getting more information about the agency and checking if they can actually walk the talk. Take time to go over the list and assess if their output matches your expectations. If they can’t provide a client portfolio, start looking for other options as this can signify the inadequacy of the agency.

How Does Pricing Work?

When you’re still new or small in the business arena, your financial resources will be scarce. More often than not, you have to be careful regarding your expenses in order to keep the business running. If you don’t want this SEO agency to become the reason why you’ll fall into a financial turmoil, always ask about the pricing of their services. How does the agency price their services? Do they do it per project or per hour? How much are you expected to pay, and when should the payment be ready? Can they provide a list of the tasks they’ll perform and its related costs? Never hire an SEO agency unless you understand how their pricing works. Remember, you’re hiring them to improve your business, not to bury your business in debt.

Take Small Steps

Managing a business isn’t a walk in the park. Expect that you’ll face several challenges before you can reach the peak of your success. But if you’re really willing to persevere, you’ll eventually get there—and hiring the best SEO agency for your business can be a stepping stone to achieve that goal.

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