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Startup Tips: Pros and Reasons to Outsource Your IT

When we think of outsourcing your IT, we often think about larger companies that have the money to be able to hire others on a freelance or rolling basis to complete projects.

However, most experts believe startups can benefit from outsourcing work in a very similar manner. Instead of expecting the few people who are “in the room” when a startup launches to do all the work that needs to get done, startups need to look outside the room for assistance where and when it is required. Here are some reasons to outsource your IT as a startup.

Low Costs

If you think about it, the cost of paying someone within the company to complete a project is probably hire than what it would cost to hire a freelancer. And if you know where to hire the best freelancers, and you can accurately explain the task to them, you will get a very high quality product from their work. If startups are careful about who they hire, there is no reason why low cost labor cannot benefit the startup in a massive way, especially where the IT sector is concerned. Even sites such as Fiverr can provide some very valuable freelancers.

Outsourcing Non-Essential Jobs

Every company is going to have these types of “busy work” tasks that need to get done on a daily and weekly basis. The problem is that no one in the inner circle is going to wish to waste their time on these tasks. It is not that the tasks are above anyone’s level – the fact is that the senior members and full time employees of the startup have so much other important work to complete. By outsourcing these non-essential jobs, such as managing a social media account or crafting a weekly email newsletter, startups can focus their time and energy on the more important tasks at hand. Outsourcing most definitely increases efficiency.

Hiring Experts in Various Fields

It is not surprising for a startup to find itself in a situation where none of the main employees have adequate experience with certain tasks. Even if everyone at the startup is highly qualified and contributing in major ways, it does not mean they know everything. And if a certain task is to get done right and in a high-quality manner, outsourcing it to a freelancer who has the relevant knowledge and experience is the smart play.  If looking for immediate support, you might want to look for local companies to outsource and can meet on demand.  Doing a simple search on Google for the type of company you need with the city in the query is a good way to find what you are looking for (ex. IT companies in Tulsa).

Hiring a team of developers or a single developer. Which way is better?

Many people are asking which way they should go – hire a team of developers or a single developer.

On one hand, hiring a single developer may be more effective than a team. If you have experience in working with a single person, you know all specifics of their work. Some good developers could do the project at the same time as the team in the presence of good programs, tools, devices and a decent computer to work on.  Compare prices and check the quality of a developer’s portfolio.  Looks for the best price for the best quality work.

Hiring a team of developers can also be an effective option.   Often you can get a team of specialists for the price of one.   You should always check a company’s portfolio and check that their pricing is reasonable.

You can also hire a developer to join an existing team. You should check with your team and make sure that they understand the task at hand. Assigning someone to control the process of collaboration is important. Your team should send regular reports and messages about their progress.

Focusing on the Big Picture

As we mentioned earlier, outsourcing the non-essential jobs can help a startup in a big way. But how does it help? When there are outsourced employees or freelancers who are handing these day-to-day tasks, it allows the executives and the more important employees to focus on the big picture of what they are trying to achieve. Crafting a long-term plan for the company’s rise, ensuring financing is being secured and beta testing the product or service are just some of the big picture tasks that you will have more time to handle if other jobs are being outsourced.

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