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Reasons Why You Should Consider Using a Client Portal

You can’t deny that technology has made some incredible advancements that have made it easier for your business to interact with clients. Even in the beginning, despite having some drawbacks and lack of functionality, a lot of software and applications were revolutionary and changed how you do business.

As time moves forward and things progress, technology continues to get better. One of the things you should be using that has come a long way includes a client portal.

If you’re like many, the thought of using this technology may seem daunting, or like you are adding another thing to your plate. You already have a lot of new stuff to learn, and you don’t want to add one more. Plus, you may be thinking that a client portal isn’t much different than sending documents through your email, so why should you bother with it?

The truth is that client portals offer a lot more than what email is capable of, and they aren’t that hard to use.

They offer a lot of features and functionality that they didn’t have in the beginning, and if your business isn’t already using a client portal, you really should reconsider.

Here are some reasons why:

It’s the Easiest Way to Share Files Securely

Even though client portals offer a lot of different functions, at their core, they are still a file-sharing platform. If your business involves sharing sensitive files with clients, you can’t send them over email. This is a dangerous practice, and you risk them falling into the wrong hands. In some cases, it may be illegal to send certain documents over email. Thus, you need a portal to help with this task.

If you’re concerned that using a portal is going to be incredibly complicated or challenging, don’t worry. They have evolved to the point where if you can post a picture to social media, you can use a portal. There may be a little bit of training needed, but once that has been completed, you’ll be able to use the system like a pro.

You Can Easily Communicate with Clients

Not only can a portal be used to share sensitive information with clients, but it’s also a great platform to communicate with them. When you keep your client conversations in the same place as the private documents, this makes the entire process more efficient and allows you to streamline your workflow . It also keeps everything safe and secure so that you and your client can feel confident talking about private and sensitive business.

It Brings You Into the Modern Era

Technology has infiltrated every part of your life and business. If you want to keep up and assure your clients that their information is safe, you need to be using the latest and greatest applications. Your competition is more than likely employee technology to get an edge, and you should be doing the same.

Incorporating the latest technology into your business also attracts young talent. Bringing in skilled workers to help your business succeed is important, as is attracting new clients.

Technology will continue to advance, and applications like client portals will become easier and more efficient to use. This progress in technology will help your business succeed in the longer run.

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