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Reasons Why Your Google My Business Profile Isn’t Doing Well + Quick Fixes

This blog post will talk about the reasons why your Google My Business Profile isn’t doing well and how to fix it with GMB optimization.

Google My Business is a free platform used by businesses to reach their targeted audience within their local geography. Businesses use it to showcase important information such as details about their business, contact information, display photos and videos, and more. This helps customers to discover about their business so that they can visit their premises or their website.

However, if you’re not getting traffic, then you are missing out on opportunities to get more exposure and leads. In this case, you must analyze your GMB listings to identify issues and use Google Maps SEO to rectify them.

Fake Listings

If you’ve been struggling to get your Google My Business profile to rank well, you’re not alone. A common issue that businesses face is fake competitor listings dominating the search results. This can be a frustrating problem to deal with, especially for first-time users. However, you must keep your cool and try to work towards a solution.

If your listing has been claimed by someone else, you can submit a request to Google to have it removed. You’ll need to provide some evidence that the listing is fake. This will prompt Google to take action. You can also try reaching out to these businesses and see if they’re willing to remove their fake listing themselves.

After you claim your listing, you need to work towards optimizing it to rise in the ranking.  This includes adding videos, photos, and accurate business information such as hours of operations. The more information you can provide, the higher the odds of rising in the rankings. Use relevant keywords to make your content SEO friendly. It is recommended to keep your GMB post to a maximum of 500 characters.

If you write more, your text can end up looking very messy, and the user will likely stop reading it. Also, ensure that the google profile is not cluttered with irrelevant posts and updates that don’t add value to visitors browsing your profile page. Make sure that the link back from your GMB profile to your website is working properly. Broken links can leave a bad impression and hurt your GMB SEO efforts.

It’s also important to stay active on Google My Business by regularly posting updates and responding to reviews. This will show potential customers that you’re an active and engaged business, which can encourage them to choose you over a competitor.

Violation of GBP Terms of Service

Sometimes businesses unknowingly violate terms of service on the Google My Business platform. One of the key culprits in this regard is his business address, listed as his home address. To fix this, you need to put a reinstatement request in which you explain to them that the issue has been corrected. You also need to upload snapshots of things like your business license and permanent business signage proving that your commercial enterprise is legitimate.

Bad Review Left by Disgruntled Employee

Reviews can be a big help when it comes to improving your GMB profile’s ranking. Try to encourage customers and clients to leave reviews on your listing. Google places importance on Reviews which is why if you receive negative reviews from an ex-employee, you can let Google know by flagging it.

Rejected Posts

A lot of posts get rejected because the words or the image used comes under their offensive word list and sensitive topics area, respectively. Google is also rejecting posts that include URLs or phone numbers in the body of the text. To fix this simply rephrase the post and exclude offensive words and images as well as URLs and phone numbers from the body of the text.

Not Having Questions and Answers Section

Google is always trying to make its services more customer-friendly. With the addition of the questions and answers section, Google has made it easier for customers to get answers about their business. A Q&A section is a great way to respond to potential customer questions that they may have about your business. It can also be a way to educate the audience about your business by providing additional information. A Q&A section is also a great way to collect feedback from your customers.

By including this section, you can increase your visibility and improve your chances of being ranked in the local search results on Google. Detailed answers in the Q&A can also have a great impact on motivating potential customers choosing to visit your website. So if you haven’t included these features, you must take advantage of them to attract more customers to your business.

Not Using All Google My Business Categories

When you don’t have listed enough categories, then this could lead to your business not showing up. Google allows up to 10 categories to be added to the profile. Pick a primary category that most accurately matches your business. Use similar words for the remaining nice selections to do well in GMB SEO.

Being Patient

The optimization will take some time and effort, but if you can get your listing to appear higher in the results, then it will lead to you enjoying more leads and profits. You need to make sure that your listing is as complete and accurate as possible, as this will help it stand out from the crowd. If all this seems overwhelming, it’s important to hire a GMB optimization firm that knows the ins and outs of GMB local SEO.

About the Author: Joseph Dyson is a highly experienced GMB optimization expert working for a reputable GMB optimization service provider in San Diego,  Search BergThrough their GMB local SEO services, he helps companies optimize their listings and generate more relevant leads.

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