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RecordCast – Free Online Screen Recorder and Video Editor for Anyone

In the past, the fastest way to share something from your screen was with a screenshot. The old keyboards even had a key that did this function, the mythical Print Screen. Then you just had to paste the result into an image file.

But today, everything is video. If you watch on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, or  Twitter, video is king, just like what on WhatsApp or Snapchat or the popularity of pages like  Twitch or YouTube.

Recording video is as simple as having a smartphone. And today’s laptops have their own webcam. To that, we must have a tool that allows you to record videos comfortably. In this article, I’ll share an easy-to-use tool to record your computer screen without downloading anything. It’s RecordCast screen recorder.

Overview of RecordCast

RecordCast is one of the most popular screen recorder and video editor although it is a newcomer, widely used especially for interactive video courses or viral marketing, as it is specially designed for it. Besides, it’s web-based. You don’t have to download and install any other software to make the workflow. What’s the best is that it’s completely free of charge. We will analyze it in detail below.

Screen Recorder Features

Definitely, one of the strong points of RecordCast is its screen recorder, which has many handy options and tools, such as:

  • It has a straightforward interface.
  • Record screen and audio simultaneously from the microphone or using system audio.
  • You can choose to record a specific application or the entire screen, even a specific Chrome tab.
  • It is entirely free of charge.

Video Editor Features

RecordCast video editor is designed to bring the results of your recordings into a final product dedicated to either online classes, video marketing, or screencasts on a professional level. If you have already had experience editing videos, you will realize that it is very similar in many ways to other linear editors, with a timeline where you add clips.

These are the tools that you can find in the RecordCast video editor:

  • It supports combining videos, audios/background music, and photos together.
  • You can add an animation of texts and some text annotations.
  • You can split the video at will.
  • It allows you to export your video with high-quality up to 1080P for free.

When to Use RecordCast Screen Recorder

Although most people prefer to do face-to-face cooperation, the reality is that in the era of COVID-19, that is not possible for everyone. Even without the bad coronavirus, we may not work face-to-face or have a meeting in person due to some other reasons. Thus, a screen recorder may help us much to facilitate our work. Let’s see some of the situations to use the RecordCast screen recorder.

Record Online Courses

The post-pandemic world has forced all of us to change our communication, work, and study habits. Online education is now the new standard, and teachers are faced with the challenges of teaching online instead of in a classroom. Then, record online courses are vitally important. If you are a teacher or a master, it would be great to have an easy to use a screen recorder to record your courses online, bringing lessons to life through video easily.

Record Video Tutorials

Users are more likely to watch a tutorial video over reading a text product’s instructions. If you release a new product or start-up new task or make a tutorial video, training video, or software demo, use a screen recorder to help you out. Almost all business companies have created and published tutorial videos on their YouTube channel, helping their customers quickly self-serve common issues.

Present your Ideas to Collaborators

It can’t be denied that most of us prefer to check a screencast rather than check wordy emails or print screen images with directions. A screencast can show everything clearly and save a ton of time and provide better team collaboration. RecordCast is a necessary screen recording tool for anyone in IT, human resources, or for managers onboarding new employees.

Record a Webinar to Watch Later

More and more people likely to use webinars to deliver distance training, customer support, and even entertainment. But because live webinars are isolated events, you have no record of the presentation after the end of one of them. Recording a webinar as it happens, you can save the event, review it later, and even share it with others. At this time, you can use RecordCast to capture the live webinars, stream them, and save them to your hard drive.

How to Record your Screen and Edit the Recording

  1. Open Recordcast.com.
  2. Click the button of “Start Recording” to go to the recording mode.
  3. Choose a method of recording audio from Microphone, System Audio, or No Audio.
  4. Click to the round red icon to start recording.
  5. Pick the specific area you want to record: full screen, a particular app, or one specific tab of chrome.
  6. ..
  7. After recording, you can download the record to your computer or make some editing to the screencast by clicking the button “Edit This Screencast Now.” Split the recording and add some text to make annotations or background music to the recording.
  8. Finally, download it to your computer or save it under your RecordCast account for further editing in case you want to add more elements next time.

Start Screencasting

Screencasting makes it easy to dip your toe into the video. It’s a fantastic way for anyone who wants to communicate clearly by showing and not only telling. If you are looking for a handy online tool to record the computer screen, you will be happy to see RecordCast here.

With this handy screen recorder, you will record videos of your online courses, video tutorials, webinars pretty easily. If you are interested, check RecordCast now. You will be amazed as well.

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