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Remote Support Tools for Remote PC Access and Remote IT Management

RemoteToPC is one of the best new remote support tools out there if you’re an IT consulting company or an IT person in the corporate world that needs Remote PC access.

With the ever-rising costs of remote support tools, RemoteToPC strikes just the right balance between cost and features.

Every install provides unattended remote access plus monitoring, alerts, and some built-in remote support tools. If a system CPU gets pegged, or a server goes offline, you’ll get an email about it. IT people need to be the first to know, not a half-hour later when no one can get into the network, or the CFO is frustrated because his laptop is going too slow.

If you’re an IT consultant who’s in a break/fix model, RemoteToPC gives you some great options for moving your customer to a monthly per-system plan. Rather than charging for every hour you spend working on a computer, you can move to the same MSP model that all the bigger companies have, and you can, with confidence, tell your customer that you’ll be actively monitoring every one of their computers for problems.

If the CPU, RAM, or DISK on a workstation goes near 100% for more than a few minutes, you’ll get an alert, and you can login and fix it right away. It’s like we added a basic RMM system to your remote PC application. You can establish a remote PC connection through network firewalls, you just install it and it starts working. For customers that require access to their own PC’s, the Enterprise plans come with user management, so you can provide them their own access.

PC Health Monitoring & Alerts

There are also many other advanced features like a private command center, file transfer capability, multi-monitor capability, unlimited simultaneous connections, deployment links, computer grouping and search, android client, 2-factor authentication, remote reboot, wake-on-lan, safe-mode reboot, system heartbeat monitor, local desktop application, and user management.

RemoteToPC is also one of the most competitively priced remote PC access products on the market, with plans starting from $99 /yr. for 10 remote systems, up to 1000+ remote systems starting at $1699 /yr. and above. New features continue to roll out each month, and there’s also the technical support, which we believe is some of the best in the industry.

So if you’re tired of companies like LogMeIn who keep raising their prices, or TeamViewer requiring upgrades that you have to pay for, then RemoteToPC might be the remote desktop access application for you. Rather than a complex, hard to configure, and use product, RemoteToPC is a zero-configuration product, meaning, you install it, and it starts PC health monitoring, and remote access right away, without a reboot.

Only the core system metrics that really matter are monitored, and the feature set is targeted right at the IT person who either owns an IT company or is responsible for the corporate IT department. From the small IT department to enterprise level, RemoteToPC is a great fit. Because RemoteToPC is made by IT people for IT people.

Remote PC Access

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