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Latest Innovations in SAP HANA SPS10

While steadily generating SAP HANA strategy, SAP continues to provide new technical capabilities and features for the in-memory computing platform. SAP HANA goes through an innovation cycle which lasts upto 6 months and the SPS (latest support package stack) which is existing in the IT market from a couple of months contains some unique features.

Features of SAP HANA SPS10

SAP HANA Platform

Support for the IBM Power Platform

Earlier, SAP HANA used to run only on Intel CPUs (Processors from Intel) and now it runs on IBM power systems processors as well for the first time. By extending support for second vital database server platform, SAP is not only helping the customers of IBM power platform make the decision to choose SAP HANA but also addressing a key group of customers that run their servers on IBM processors. “These are committed , loyal customers” explains Ralf Czekalla, a product management expert in SAP HANA.

The first step will be to make the SAP BW (SAP Business Warehouse) available on the IBM power platform. Other scenarios and products will be released in the coming months. Czekalla says that the aim is to attain feature-equivalence in terms of SAP HANA between the Intel platform and the IBM platform, which is being supported from a very long time.

Enhancements in Workload Management

It is now feasible to generate workload profiles to prefer certain kind of processes over others. Thus, analytical processes have lower priority when compared with transactional processes in a SAP Business Suite System. Especially in ERP and other transactional systems, it is important that the response times for transaction are not sloed down by the OLAP queries which are running concurrently. The correct priorities can now be arranged in a particular form in the system.

Enhancements for Multitenant Database Container Systems

SAP HANA not only supports a single logical database in a database system, but also multiple isolated databases. Due to this, it is possible to split administrative tasks more effectively between the database level and the system level. SPS09 already supported file-based backup and recovery. SAP HANA interface’s backint has been appended in SAP HANA SPS10 enabling SAP HANA being joined to third-party’s backup tools. Additional enhancements have also been made in accessing the cross-database between multitenant database containers. This will be useful for the customers who want to run 2 applications in a single database system. There is a possibility of multiple applications running on different tenant databases in the multitenant database container of SAP HANA system.

A Single Table for Warm and Hot Data

At present, warm and hot data is present is different tables; either in “extended tables” made possible by dynamic tiering or conventional SAP HANA in-memory tables. A table consists of either warm or hot data but not both. There will be a possibility of storing warm and hot data in a single table in the future. Moreover, the tool from SAP HANA data warehousing foundation known as data lifecycle manager (DLM) will help with drawing the extended tables from In-memory tables of SAP HANA, generating structures inside the database that provide the read access to warm and hot data without extra effort and scheduling the data movement.

With more innovative features getting added with each release of SAP HANA, the demand for this module is reaching skyhigh. Moreover, this module has very high demand when compared with other modules of SAP HANA. People who want to start their career in SAP HANA must take SAP HANA Training as the companies are preferring trained professionals. People with SAP HANA related jobs are earning very high salaries when compared with other technologies and there are huge job opportunities due to high usage of SAP HANA in the organizations around the world.

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