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Is Your Security Surveillance System Hacker-Proof?

With the growing rate of crimes, the use of security surveillance systems has increased a lot in the recent past. People use security cameras in their homes to monitor any suspicious activity. Have you ever thought that the security cameras you are using are safe from any sort of hacking? As you increase the number of security gadgets in your home, the chances of them getting hacked also increase.

With smart technology becoming a lot more common, hackers also have adopted a smart approach. They can easily gain control of a video feed. There are two ways hackers can use to control a security surveillance system. To access the camera locally, they will come in the range of the wireless network to which the camera is connected. Once they are in the range of the wireless network, they will either break the password of the network or jam it. Secondly, they will control the camera through some hacking tools and gain control of it.

How to Protect Your Security Surveillance System from Hacking?

If you are looking for ways to secure your surveillance system from hacking, here are a few tips that can help you.

Know Some of the Methods Hackers Use

Know the vulnerabilities can help you block attacks before they start.  Of course hackers are always one step ahead so always try to do your own research to identify new vulnerabilities and techniques.  Also make sure your security system’s software is up to date, if the manufacturer offers it.

Secure Passwords

The password of your Wi-Fi network, with which your security cameras are connected, must be a strong one. A weak password is like giving full authority to hackers to gain access to your surveillance system. Always make sure you are using a strong password that cannot be guessed. For that purpose, use a combination of uppercase & lowercase letters, symbols, and numbers.

Get a System with Encrypted Signals

When you are purchasing a security surveillance system, make sure you choose one that has encrypted signals. This is a type of surveillance system that cannot be accessed externally.

Restrict Non-approved Devices

While using a surveillance system, always make sure you only give access to your own devices while logging into your security systems. If your device is hacked, you can easily detect it from the list of authorized devices. If you see some unknown device, remove it immediately and change your password.

Keep an Eye on Your Camera Logs

Security cameras can store logs. If you want to protect your surveillance system, make sure to regularly check the IP history of the system. By doing so, you will be able to know if any unknown or unidentified IP address has tried to access the system.

Use an Anti-Jammer

If you want to further enhance the security of your security cameras, use anti-jammers. Anti-jammers are specifically designed to detect the risk of signal jamming. This device will notify you right at the moment any signal failure happens.

It is better to be proactive in protecting your surveillance system from hacking. Installing a security surveillance system is not enough for keeping your home safe. These tips can help you avoid any potential hacking that put your home security under any risk.

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  1. Great article. If the security of the surveillance system is not taken into consideration, then it beats the purpose of having it in the first place.

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